Can You Bring Food into Disney World?

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One of the things many families like to do is to bring food into the Disney theme parks while on vacation in Orlando. This way, you not only save money, but also save time by not having to queue up at food service locations. What’s more you can eat healthy and stick to your diet plans, cater to the picky eaters in the family, and accommodate special dietary needs. But, can you bring food into Disney World?

Yes, you absolutely can. Disney allows guests to bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverages into the theme parks. The food and drinks should be for self-consumption only and must not be sold to others. Also, the foods and beverages should not be in glass containers. They should not require refrigeration, reheating, or processing of any kind or have pungent odors.

Cast members perform bag checks at security. You should inform them if you have any food items in your day packs. As long as you meet the conditions mentioned above, there shouldn’t be any problems bringing food into Disney World.

Keep reading to learn more about what you can and cannot bring to Disney in terms of food and drinks. Also find out the pros and cons of bringing food into Disney World.

Can you bring outside food to Disney?

As mentioned above, you can bring outside food into the Disney World theme parks as long as it is for self-consumption, is not in glass containers, doesn’t need to be reheated or refrigerated, and is not strong smelling. Alcoholic beverages of any kind are not permitted.

How much does it cost to eat at Disney World per day?

It costs around $30 to $60 per person per day to eat at Disney World quick service restaurants. (In case you’re wondering whether it’s worth the trouble of bringing your own food to Disney World).

Whether bringing food to Disney is worth it depends on what your family likes to eat and what you’re budgeting for food on your Disney vacation.

If you eat three quick service meals with no snacks at Disney World, it will average around $45 per person. If you add snacks or eat at table service restaurants, the prices can start to add up pretty quickly. For a family of 4, this means bringing your own food to Disney will save you around $200 per day at a minimum.

Can you bring your own water bottle into Disney World?

Yes, you can bring your own water bottle into Disney World as long as it is not made of glass. There are water refill stations at some places in the Disney theme parks. Luckily, Disney also provides free water at many dining locations. You can ask cast members at quick service and counter service restaurants to refill your bottle at no cost.

Bringing your own water bottle to Disney can result is considerable savings, especially if you are a family of four or five or a big group. Bottled water at Disney World costs anywhere from $2.50 to $3.50 per bottle, and in the Florida heat, this can rack up quite a bill for a large family or group. Remember, the cost of bottled water in Disney can be considerably higher than Orlando supermarkets.

Are there any limits on how much food you can bring to Disney World?

There are no specific limits on how much food you can carry with you to the Disney World theme parks. You don’t have to stick to just snacks and water. You can bring a full lunch including sandwiches, dessert, fruit, etc.

Can I bring a backpack into Disney World?

If you are planning on eating your own meals at Disney World, you might be wondering if you can carry it all in a backpack. While backpacks are permitted, keep in mind that you cannot bring suitcases, bags, or backpacks with or without wheels that are larger than 24 x 15 x 18 inches or 61 x 38 x 46 cm. Also, coolers or any types of containers with dry ice or loose ice are not permitted. You also cannot bring folding chairs into any of the Disney theme parks or water parks.

How to plan for bringing food into Disney World?

Many hotels in Orlando allow grocery deliveries and will even store your food in refrigerators if you don’t have an in-room fridge. However, do confirm this with your specific hotel before scheduling a grocery delivery.

If you’re planning to bring your own food into Disney World, don’t forget to order things like Ziploc bags, disposable utensils and cutlery, and napkins.

It’s also a good idea to buy foods that can survive the Florida heat without refrigeration. Remember, you might have a mini refrigerator in your hotel room but your food will be without refrigeration for the better part of the day you take it into Disney World. Keep in mind that most mini fridges in hotel rooms don’t have a freezer.

It’s also a good idea to buy smaller packaging of foods, so you can bring a little with you to the theme parks every day.

What should I pack for breakfast at Disney World?

Most people who are not planning to eat at Disney World restaurants eat breakfast in their hotel before they leave for the theme parks. This not only saves them money but allows them to be first in line for the rides. Many Orlando hotels and Disney Resort hotels have a kitchenette or kitchen in the room. You can easily rustle up a quick breakfast with things like yogurt and granola, milk and cereal, fresh fruit, juices, bagels and cream cheese, muffins, and eggs and toast (if you have a full kitchen).

What should I pack for lunch at Disney World?

When you bring food into Disney World, you save money and time and eat healthy! Pack your lunch in a day pack with separate Ziploc bags for each member of your group. If you don’t want to carry it around all day, there are locker rentals available at the Disney theme parks.

Good lunch ideas include things like sandwiches, bagels, fresh fruit, crackers and chips, juice boxes, and water. Don’t want the hassle of packing a lunch? Purchase ready-to-eat meals from your nearest supermarket. They will be a lot cheaper than eating in Disney restaurants.

Don’t forget to pack snacks if you’re bringing food into Disney World. Granola bars, cookies, candy, crackers, string cheese, nuts, trail mix, fruit, and sodas are always in demand by hungry families.

Pros and cons of bringing your own food to Walt Disney World theme parks


  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Accommodate special dietary needs
  • Eat foods of your brand preference


  • You need access to grocery stores, which can be difficult if you’re not renting a car in Orlando. However, many stores deliver groceries to Orlando hotels.
  • You need to carry food into the Disney theme parks. That’s more stuff to bring in addition to your electronics, baby stuff, etc. An extra backpack can feel like a dead weight in the Florida heat.
  • You can’t keep the food you bring into Disney World cool and you can’t reheat the food before eating it.
  • Bringing food into Disney World can make some people feel like they’re not really on vacation at all. Eating restaurant meals and indulging in unhealthy foods are just some of the things that make vacations fun. And if the kids pander for Disney snacks and you give in, you won’t be saving money anyway.

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