What Disney Properties Have A Gym Or Fitness Center?

Taking a vacation from the daily grind at home does not always mean giving up workout routines. In fact, many people insist on having some gym or fitness center to count on when visiting Disney. It might not be the number one selling point when picking out what property to stay at, but it is a bonus.

Just about every deluxe resort at Disney has a fitness center for people to rely on every single day. Even when looking at moderate resorts, there are opportunities to break a sweat and do some basic exercises in a specific area. Here is the full list of Disney Resorts that have fitness centers:

Deluxe Resorts – Committed to Fitness

When booking a stay at any deluxe resort, a fitness center is a given. The quality is not always the same, but basic workout opportunities are available at all hours of the day. So many guests want at least a chance to workout, even if they do not end up using it every day while on vacation.
Best of the Best

These three gyms are considered a step above the rest. If a person wants the most options, the newest equipment, the most flexible hours, and more bonuses, booking a stay that has complimentary access to one of these gyms is the way to go.

Olympiad Fitness Center at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

This is arguably the best overall gym, thanks to its size, equipment, hours, and overall ambiance. Guests are allowed to access the third-floor gym 24 hours a day, which usually keeps it from getting too packed.

The staff at the fitness center are on top of keeping everything looking clean and brand new, which is a great touch. Towels are readily available and part of the standard service as well, so a person can show up and get to working out without bringing anything from their room.

Massages options cost extra, but the club offers Swedish, Firm Pressure, and Aromatherapy options. Their massage therapists have some of the best reviews at Disney, so people have the perfect opportunity to treat their body right after long days of walking around. There is also a sauna that is free to utilize if a person wishes to relax that way.

Want to try it out without staying at the resort? Anyone can purchase a one-day pass for $12 to get full access. This comes in handy if a person is staying elsewhere, but their gym might not be up to this standard.

Zahanti Fitness Center at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort

The Zahanti Fitness Center stays on theme with the Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort aesthetic, but beyond that initial layer, people will find all the fitness equipment they love at most of the other top gyms at Disney. There is a lot of workout space here, so many opt to go beyond the cardio machines to vary up their workouts.

A full range of free weights offers plenty of flexibility in exercising. Those who hate using standard machines will love the layout of this gym. Each person in the gym has their own space to work on what they want, not being forced into tough situations where they have to change up what they are working on. Plenty of televisions also offer up a way for people to stay plugged i with news, sports, or entertainment.

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the center is available to anyone staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani-Village, and Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House.

Ship Shape Health Club at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts

The Ship Shape Health Club differs slightly from the other gyms in that it has a salon right next door. Although not technically in the same area, it makes it convenient for guests to get their hair or nails done while on vacation.

It should come as no surprise that the gym at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts also has plenty of space for people to move around in. Even during peak hours, it is very easy to find a spot to workout and not get in the way of others.
Anyone staying at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, Disney’s Beach Club Resort, or Disney’s Beach Club Villas has full access, 24 hours a day to the gym. With added massage, hair, and nail opportunities, there is a reason why many who stay here fall in love with the amenities.

Disney’s Riviera Resort Athlétique Fitness Center

Pretty decent gym new equipment that includes treadmills, free weights a cable machine all the usual stuff you need to stay in shape while vacationing.

Plus a decent number of walking trails around we visited this location while staying at the Art of Animation and being annoyed at no gym lol and its definitely worth a repeat trip to check out the full Riviera experience.

Additional gyms and fitness centers worth checking out

Whether it is convenience or price, not everyone will have the opportunity to take advantage of the three gyms above. Fortunately, there are plenty of other solid options that fall in the category just the top three.

About the only sacrifices, a person will make include potentially limited hours, and limited workout equipment. The essentials will all be there, but they might not have specialty options like step up machines, medicine balls, and kettlebells.

Muscles & Bustles Health Club at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

This is a full service at the Disney’s Boardwalk Villas. There is a steam room and sauna available and spa massage services services. The do have personal training by appointment and a pretty decent equipment setup.

This gym is open 24 hours and the age to use it is 14 and up.

La Vida Fitness Center at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort 

This Fitness Center has a larger selection of equipment than normal. Located in Casitas 4. This one is a little hidden but well worth it if you are an avid work out on vacation like we are kind of family.

At Coronado Springs there is actually a second fully-equipped fitness center in the Gran Destino Tower

Grand Floridian Spa & Health Club at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

While a little outdated the Grand Floridian has everything you need to stay in shape. Multiple treadmills, bicycles and free weights.

Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa Fitness Center at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa

This gym has all the normal equipment you would need free weights, treadmills, weight machines etc. It’s a little dark but overall pretty decent for a gym while traveling.

Sturdy Branches Health Club at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort 

Open 24 hours a day this center has treadmills, regular and recumbent bicycles, and elliptical trainers along with free weights and weight machines if you are into strength training like us :).

R.E.S.T. Exercise Room at Disney’s Old Key West Resort

Very similar to the Sturdy Branches Health club similar equipment like treadmills, bicycles and free weights along with weight machines as well. Perfect if you are looking to keep your training up while on vacay.

What Disney Properties Don’t Have Fitness Centers?

It’s always really stressful to Lacey and me when we get to a hotel and they don’t have a fitness center. Usually, we just assume there is something and we can figure out something to make it work. Something we have found out over the years is that all value resorts don’t have gyms and some moderate resorts don’t have gyms.

However, occasionally we get somewhere and there is no fitness center. This was unfortunately what happened on our last trip when we checked out the Animation Resort.

For the full list of Disney Resorts that don’t have fitness centers here you go:

  • Art of Animation Resort
  • Disney Pop Century
  • Disney All-Star Music Resort
  • Disney All-Star Movies Resort
  • Disney All-Star Sports Resort
  • Polynesian (although you can use the Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa)
  • Disney Caribbean Resort
  • Port Orleans (although you can use Saratoga Springs)

Other Exercising Opportunities

A gym is one of the most convenient ways to get a workout in rain or shine, but there are plenty of other exercising opportunities for people to take advantage of as well near Disney. Wanting to get outside and enjoy something a little different? Here are a few suggestions.


Going to the theme parks can be exhausting enough for some, but others want to still get some walking or running in. There are a lot of different paths people can explore that are relatively close to all the resorts. Disney does a good job of measuring most of the areas as well, so people can have a good idea of picking the right spots.

Some of the most popular loop options include: 

  • 0.8-mile Boardwalk Resort loop
  • 0.9 mile Coronado Springs Resort loop
  • 1.0 mile Orleans Resort loop 
  • 1.4 mile Caribbean Beach Resort loop
  • 1.4 mile Grand Floridian Resort & Spa loop
  • 1.5 mile Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground loop
  • 1.5 mile Wilderness Lodge and Villas loop
  • 1.5 mile Polynesian Village Resort loop

Keep in mind that some of these loops are for foot traffic only. Do not try to ride bikes, rollerblade or skateboard if there are signs up. This is for the safety of the guests, and to keep the overall noise level down a bit. Most people walking and running are wanting a tranquil experience, a step away from the vibe at the Disney Theme Parks.


Riding around on a bike is a much easier way to see different parts of Disney at a casual pace. Most are not going to be riding extremely fast, but there are some opportunities to open things up a bit.

Renting a bike is really easy, and there are very few limitations on where the bikes can go on property. The roads are pretty bike-friendly, and most cars can’t go particularly fast to put riders at risk.


With weather being good enough to play tennis 12 months out of the year, a lot of people will escape to the courts for casual play or even lessons. People can find courts at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort, Disney’s Baylake Tower, Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa, and Disney’s Yacht and Beach club.

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