5 Best Rides for Toddlers at Hollywood Studios

In Disney parks, attractions for toddlers are not based as much on rides but in experiences. Sure, if your kid is tall enough, you may find a suitable ride but take into account that they will mostly enjoy the experience of shows and many other attractions.

Now, before heading to the park, remember to note how tall is your kid. This fact is essential for rides because there is a minimum height for each one of them. Some of them will be easier to hop in, while you may discover s/he is not tall enough to enjoy. Taking that in mind, let’s begin with the Best Rides for Toddlers at Hollywood Studios!

1. Toy Story Midway Mania!

This is the ONLY ride in the entire Hollywood Studios that don’t have a height or age requirement, so any toddler can enjoy it. The ride is open from 9 AM to 10 PM and you can also use the Extra Magic Hours from 6 to 9 AM.

The 4D ride starts in Andy’s room. After you find a bunch of classic games, you have to take the 3D glasses and hop into a tram with a pull-string shooter to toss a couple of digital moving targets. You can either team up with your toddler and compete with other players through the scoring system or just have some fun by yourselves.

Some people with toddlers believe it is worth it, some others don’t. There is no wording on personal opinions. What we can tell you is that even the youngest toddlers will enjoy some of the scenes and will have fun throughout the entire ride -even if they don’t completely understand it is a game.

2. Alien Swirling Saucers (32 inches and taller)

The Alien Swirling Saucers is a minute-and-a-half ride very similar to a Mad Tea Party attraction but based on Toy Story and way less nauseating. This ride requires toddlers to be at least 32 inches tall, so babies won’t be able to go in. However, if your kids that are tall enough, they will enjoy the experience.

The first thing you’ll notice is that it is full of electronic space sounds, colorful lighting and lots of fun! Besides, once you hop into the rocket, your child will see a lot of dials to turn and buttons to push while the system spins you around the space to the rhythm of the music.

This attraction is opened every day from 9 AM to 10 PM and you can climb to the rocket during the Extra Magic Hours from 6 to 9 AM. As it is somewhat crowded, it is recommended to either uses a FastPass+ or go early enough. Otherwise, take some snacks because you’ll make the line for an hour or so.

3. Slinky Dog Dash (38 inches and taller)

Certainly, this is not exactly a ride for babies but tall toddlers can also enjoy the Slinky Dog Dash. It is located in Toy Story Land and it is open for guests in Extra Magic Hours from 6 AM to 9 AM and its regular schedule goes from 9 AM to 10 PM.

This is one of the most popular rides among tall toddlers and kids with good reason. The whole idea is based on a roller-coaster that Andy built using his kit of Dash and Dodge Mega Coaster, using Slinky Dog as a riding vehicle.

It takes 18 riders through two minutes of fun curves, going up hills and descending considerably fast for toddlers and kids. If you are worried about the speed, it goes at 40 mph, which is pretty slow in comparison to most adult attractions. So, what are you waiting for? Hop with your kids into Slinky Dog to have incredible family time!

4. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run (38 inches and taller)

The Star Wars hype is here and tall toddlers will get to enjoy the best of this sci-fi ancient world. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is one of the most recent attractions and it is way different than any other ride you have ever enjoyed in the park.

Getting into the Millenium Falcon is more of a video game than a regular ride because your young padawan will experience a different outcome every single time depending on the position you choose and the decisions you make.

This adventure is based on a deal between Hohndo Ohnaka and Chewbacca in which you have to help the big Wookie to deliver a gig. However, the story is not way deeper than dodging or destroying obstacles in the space to reach your destination.

If you are interested in taking your kids to this ride, you can join the adventure through hyperspace every day from 9 AM to 10 PM and during the Extra Magic Hours from 6 to 9 AM in the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge section.

5. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway (Spring 2020)

If you are planning to visit after the 2020’s spring, you may be within the first few people to hop into the new and incredible ride starred by the most famous couple in the park. The dark ride is based on the awarded short films of Mickey Mouse and his history.

This is the first ride in which the big talking mouse and all of his friends participate. It will take you and your toddlers through an exciting and magical world where the laws of physics do not apply. You can expect twists, Goofy jokes, incredible transformations as well as what’s unexpected.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will be located at the Hollywood Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and it will be the second ride that doesn’t require minimum height, so the whole family can hop into an amazing adventure.

Attractions your toddler will enjoy

If your toddler isn’t tall enough to hop into most rides yet, it doesn’t mean you have to wait outside the park. Many other attractions will show your family the magic of Disney.

Disney Junior Dance Party!

The former and successful Disney Junior: Live on Stage evolved to become this new show, full of great new songs and even better dancing. Toddlers and kids can shake their skeleton with their best dance steps, catch bubbles and have lots of fun with their favorite Disney Junior characters.

The 25-minute parties take place at the Animation Courtyard every day from 9:40 AM to 6 PM -look for the schedule for specific timing information.

Frozen Sing-Along

This show tells the story of the Arendelle royalty with the famous songs you can sing along while watching your favorite Frozen characters. In the end, Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff will surprise you coming out from the public to sing with you. The lyrics will show on the screen as well, so there is no excuse not to sing along “Let It Go” with them.

The celebration lasts just half an hour and you have 10 opportunities to attend from 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM in Echo Lake.

Jedi Training Academy: Trials of the Temple

Toddlers older than 4 years old can attend to the Jedi Training Academy and cover the bases to overcome their Padawan stage and learn they shouldn’t cut their father’s hand. Your kids will love to swing their lightsabers and fight Star Wars villains.

If you are interested in guiding them to the light side of the force, the 20-minute show takes place at Echo Lake from 9:40 AM to 7 PM.

Lighting McQueen’s Racing Academy

The 10-minute show will take you for a ride with Lighting McQueen in a race animatronic simulator that will be incredible for them. Of course, nothing goes as planned but the fastest race car on the face of the Earth will learn how to handle the situation.

To attend to this incredible show, head to Sunset Boulevard from 9 AM to 10 PM any day of the week.

Beauty and The Beast – Live on Stage

If you think this movie is incredible, you have to experience this love story once again. The production is just outstanding and your toddlers will get to sing the songs they love the most once again.

The magic of this 30-minute musical is presented every day at Sunset Boulevard from 11 AM to 5 PM. Get early to ensure your ticket because it only has 5 presentations a day.

Other shows for toddlers

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has plenty of shows to attend. We may talk about all of them but this would become a never-ending story. Some of the most relevant that hasn’t been mentioned yet are:

  • The Muppet Vision 3D
  • Indiana Jones
  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid

However, something your toddlers will always remember is meeting at some of the most relevant princesses, fairies, pixies and characters that offer meet-and-greet service throughout the park. If you are interested in looking at some of them, here you have info about where to find them.

Is Hollywood Studios good for 4-year olds?

4-year olds can easily go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This is one of the best parks to tackle with toddlers, preschoolers, and even babies, especially if you are looking to experience the mouse’s magical shows more than getting on rides.

Another important aspect is that small children can tackle the best attractions of this park within one single day, so it is not necessary to spend too much time or effort in the process. However, it is always recommended that you study your routes first to take as much advantage as possible from your timing.

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