How Many Countries Are In EPCOT – A Complete Guide

Walt Disney first came up with the idea of EPCOT, or Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, in 1966.

The theme park consists of two zones: Future World and World Showcase.

The idea behind the World Showcase was to create an educational and immersive learning and entertainment destination that allowed visitors to travel across the globe on one ticket.

Spread over 40 acres, the World Showcase consists of an artificial lagoon around which a 1.3-mile promenade takes you from one country-themed pavilion to another.

How many countries are in EPCOT World Showcase?

There are 11 countries in the EPCOT World Showcase, as listed below;

  • Canada
  • Morocco
  • Italy
  • Norway
  • United Kingdom
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • France
  • USA
  • China

Each country’s pavilion aims to share and educate visitors about its culture, food, architecture, and lifestyle.

While the pavilions stay open and busy all year round, during festival time, there is a marked increase in activity, from extra food stalls to entertainment and live performances.

What is the history of the EPCOT World Showcase?

World Showcase first opened in 1982, with each pavilion sponsored by private companies.

If you had asked how many countries are in EPCOT at that time, the answer would have been nine.

Morocco joined the World Showcase in 1984. It was sponsored by the Moroccan government up until 2020, when Disney took over total control.

Norway was the eleventh country to join this prestigious group in 1988.

Fun fact about World Showcase

To give a truly authentic experience, Disney hires cast members from the respective countries to work in the pavilions.

So, if you wish to learn about a particular country, talk to the members, as they are a source of much real-life information.

In case you are wondering, the cast members enter the country on a Cultural Exchange Program Q1 Visa.

Debunking EPCOT World Showcase rumors

Before we go in-depth with learning about all the 11 countries in EPCOT, let me debunk some rumors that pop up occasionally.

Is there a new country being added to EPCOT?

I do not have any insider information, but rumors about new countries joining the World Showcase are nothing new.

In the past, there has been talk about Russia, Denmark, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and UAE joining.

However, none of these rumors saw fruition.

What country was removed from EPCOT?

No country has been removed from EPCOT.

This misconception exists because, in 1982, Disney advertised adding Israel, Spain, and Equatorial Africa to the World Showcase.

Sadly, that never happened.

Alright, so I’ve answered more frequently asked questions at the very end, but for now, let’s start with learning more about each of the 11 countries in EPCOT individually.


Now that we know how many countries are in EPCOT, I’ll begin with the one that usually tops any ranking.

Entry into France is via Pont des Arts, a bridge that helps mimic the Seine waterfront, leading you into the most romantically immersive pavilion around the lagoon.

Think alluring music in the background, the Eiffel Tower, cobblestone walkways, and flowers in bloom all around.

Besides creating an idyllic ambiance, the French pavilion has the maximum number of restaurants in the World Showcase, making it a must for all gourmands.

Attractions & Entertainment

France scores high because, in my opinion, it has the best attractions among all the EPCOT countries.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is a thrilling trackless vehicle 4D ride with Chef Skinner on hot pursuit as you navigate Gusteau’s restaurant.

Add to the above the Beauty & the Beast Sing-Along show, and you can guess how busy the pavilion gets.

The fun doesn’t stop there. In the same theater, Palais du Cinema, we also get Impressions de France. The 18-minute film runs throughout the day, showing various aspects of French culture and the countryside.

The pavilion further enchants with an exhibition called Tale As Old As Time – French Storytelling on Stage & Screen. It comprises six galleries with costumes, music, art, and information on French literature being adapted to cinema.

And when all is done, it’s usually time to stand in line again for an EPCOT character meet and greet with Aurora or Belle.

Shopping in France is fancy. I’ve picked up a French perfume or two from Plume et Palette and French wine from La Madison du Vin during my many visits.

Food & Drink

The French pavilion lives up to the reputation of France as the culinary epicenter of the Epicurean world.

Chefs de France is a sit-down table-service restaurant where you can order delectable plates of ratatouille sur quinoa, gratin de macaroni, and crème brûlée.

At the same time, the folks at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie bake their own bread every day. Therefore, this is where we usually get our baguettes to go with sandwiches, croissants, eclairs, and other bakery goods.

Monsieur Paul is a fine dining establishment open only for dinner. While expensive, the food here is extraordinary and worth every penny you spend.

Quick treats at the French pavilion include artisanal ice cream and sorbets from L’Artisan des Glaces and crepes from La Crêprie de Paris.


Italy is another food-centric pavilion but with classic Italian eclectics thrown in for good measure.

Its 83-foot-tall bell tower with a real gold leaf on the angel reminds you of the one at St. Mark’s Square, as do the gondolas bobbing in the lagoon nearby.

The architecture around the central Plaza del Teatro and amidst Mediterranean flora further imitates Venice, taking inspiration from the 14th-century Doge’s Palace and Venetian bridges.

My favorite structure is the Fontana de Nettuno, honoring Neptune, the Roman god of fresh water, rivers, and lakes.

Based on Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s artistic style, I always make it a point to throw a coin in the fountain, which is possibly why I keep returning to EPCOT.

Attractions & Entertainment

If I were to rank all the countries in EPCOT, Italy would lose significant points for not having any rides, shows, or galleries.

It does, however, have Sergio the Italian Mime, an entertaining 20-minute variety act that is quite the laugh-riot.

Shops at the Italy pavilion offers an array of products from the region, ranging from Ferrari merchandise and Italian perfumes to Murano glass, leather handbags, wine, coffee, and Venetian masks.

Food & Drink

Irrespective of our time in Italy, a stopover at Gelateria Toscana is almost a family tradition. The express stall has the most delectable gelato, sorbet, 7-layer cake, and Italian coffee.

Tutto Italia Ristorante is ideal for a leisurely sit-down meal if you want pasta, calamari, pan-seared salmon, tiramisu, and other quintessential Italian delights.

Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria, with its open kitchen, is where you can relish arancini, chicken parmesan, and the best wood-fired pizzas in the area. Via Napoli is on my list of the best restaurants in EPCOT.  

Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar boasts over 200 bottles of wine, specialty beer, and small plates to nibble on. At the same time, Pizza al Taglio is a popular but seldom open booth where you can grab a quick pizza slice.


The Mexico pavilion gives France a run for its money in popularity.

It has the advantage of having most of its activities and restaurants indoors in an air-conditioned Mesoamerican pyramid.

Moreover, the interiors are spectacular, boasting a starlit sky and a Mayan pyramid background.

Attractions & Entertainment

The Gran Fiesta Tour at the Mexico pavilion epitomizes leisurely boat rides.

The attraction features The Three Caballeros, Donald Duck, Jose Carioca, and Panchito, out on a Mexican adventure when Donald goes missing.

As a result, Mexico is also where you can enjoy a meet and greet with Donald dressed in a sombrero and serape. It’s one of the few places to take a picture with Donald without standing in line for long.  

Mexico has a lovely gallery highlighting art from the region. In addition, they host the best musical act in EPCOT, Mariachi Cobre, who play live music just outside the pyramid.

Plaza de Los Amigos is the main retail area of the pavilion, lined with numerous stalls and shops. Come here to buy jewelry, artifacts, pottery, piñatas, and Disney souvenirs.

Food & Drink

The Mexico pavilion in EPCOT has a few different sit-down and quick-service eateries.

Among them, San Angel Inn offers you a remarkably thematic indoor experience. In contrast, La Hacienda de San Angel is by the water. Both restaurants present menus that are chock-a-block full of authentic Mexican delights.

In a hurry? Go over to La Cantina de San Angel for a Mickey ice cream sandwich, churros, chicken tacos, guacamole with chips, and empanadas.

For adults, Mexico has not one but two options. Choza de Margarita is an outdoor kiosk serving frozen margaritas.

However, the most loved is La Cava de Tequila inside the pyramid. Although expensive, they have over 200 types of tequilas and an extensive cocktail menu.


Stand at the pavilion’s entrance, and it looks like a small German town with its colorful Bavarian and Mediaeval buildings, clocktower, and model train tracks.

Step inside, and a fountain featuring St. George slaying a dragon in the center of an idyllic courtyard invites you to experience the many charms of Germany.

Attractions & Entertainment

Unfortunately, the pavilion lacks any noteworthy attractions or shows unless you count the clocktower Glockenspiel every hour as one.

The Snow White meet and greet by the Wishing Well is another reason we’ve spent considerable time in Germany. Not surpassingly, the lines can be remarkably long to meet Snow White.

Shopping opportunities are varied in comparison.

You can buy crystal jewelry, wine, Mozart chocolate liquor, soccer merchandise, cuckoo clocks, and beer steins from various retail stores.

A must-visit is Der Teddybär. This family favorite is where we shop for stuffed teddy bears, Snow White and Rapunzel dolls, and other German toys.

Food & Drink

The Biergarten is undoubtedly the most ubiquitous place to be in the pavilion. The Oktoberfest-themed buffet restaurant has communal tables and a wide-ranging menu featuring sausages, schnitzel, rotisserie chicken, nudel gratin, and sauerkraut.

But that’s not all. The Biergarten also has live acts of yodeling, polka music, and folk dances.

If you need something quick and handy, then I recommend Sommerfest. You can taste jumbo pretzels, bratwurst, and different German beers here. Best of all, it’s one of the restaurants in EPCOT where you do not need a reservation.  

Karamelle-Küche is another preferred quick-service booth in EPCOT. They sell seriously drool-worthy caramel corn, apples, and marshmallows.


The entrance to China never fails to leave me in awe.

Through a triple-arched gateway, the view of the circular altar, inspired by Beijing’s Temple of Heaven, is magnificent. Walking inside, the attention to detail given to the colorful ceiling and walls makes you stop and look in amazement.

A small waterfall, bamboo groves, cute footbridges, animal garden figures, and vibrant flora further enhance the Chinese pavilion’s environment.

Attractions & Entertainment

The main event at the China pavilion in EPCOT is a 360° circle-vision film called Reflections of China.

Held inside the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, the sanding-only show uses nine screens to showcase some of the country’s splendorous monuments and regions like Hainan Island rainforests, the Great Wall of China, the Gobi Desert, and the Forbidden City of Beijing.

China also has a gallery exhibit called Inside Shanghai Disneyland. We loved learning about the Disney theme park on the other side of the world. It left us eager to book a trip to China soon.

The Chinese pavilion’s shopping area is among the largest in EPCOT. The House of Good Fortune has a mix of modern and cultural merchandise such as stuffed pandas, jewelry, chinaware, lanterns, teapots, and silk clothes.

One can also meet Mulan at the China pavilion.

Food & Drink

China’s food and beverage sections are the ones least explored by me. Simply because we order Chinese food often at home, and when at EPCOT, I’m eager to try something different.

Still, Joy of Tea will enchant you with its wide variety of Chinese tea offerings.

Lotus Blossom Cafe has very traditional interiors with extensive woodwork. Their crispy duck bao buns, honey sesame chicken, and spring rolls are worth a taste.

Nine Dragons Restaurant is the only eatery in EPCOT where you can probably walk in at any time and get a table.

If that is a good thing or not, you decide.

But I believe the pavilion missed out on digging deep and showcasing the diverse cuisines of China.

The food is good, but there is so much more to Chinese culinary prowess than fried rice, egg rolls, and orange chicken. The caramel-ginger ice cream, though, is a must-try.


We started this article by enquiring how many countries there are in EPCOT.

Having done the first five, it’s time to visit the Canada pavilion, which is slightly subtle in appearance and offerings.

The architecture here features the Victorian-styled Hotel du Canada, modeled after the legendary Chateâu Laurier in Ottawa.

Interestingly, the building’s facade paints it as a six-story structure when, in reality, it is only three stories high.

The gardens in the pavilion hint towards the Butchart Gardens in British Columbia. But the highlight of the showcase is the wall of boulders with a 30-foot waterfall representing the Canadian Rockies.

Attractions & Entertainment

The main attraction in Canada is the 360° circle-vision Canada Far & Wide show. Held inside the Maple Leaf Mine, this stand-and-watch visual spectacle takes you around the scenic regions of the country.

Until recently, Martin Short narrated the show. His comedy routine was phenomenal and something I always looked forward to when visiting EPCOT.

Now, the narration is by Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara. Both are excellent in their roles, but the show lacks the humor that previously made it unique.

Additionally, the outdoor Canada Mill Stage hosts live musical performances, from country to Canadian rock, by different artists. However, this isn’t a regular feature, so you may or may not witness it.

Shopping at the Canada pavilion happens at Northwest Mercantile, where you can purchase NHL clothing, maple syrup, pins, food, pewter mugs, and more.

Food & Drink

Canada pavilion is limited when it comes to dining options. Popcorn in Canada is a food stall famous for its souvenir bucket popcorn. We particularly love their super tasty maple popcorn!

Le Cellier Steakhouse is the main restaurant and is pretty popular, often making it challenging to get a reservation. It’s one of the few reasons why we visit this area.

Le Cellier embraces the aura of a Canadian château while offering the most delicious cheddar cheese soup, bison strip loin, bacon smoked Gouda mac and cheese, poutine, and pecan-brown butter tart.

They also have extensive allergy-friendly and kids’ menus, including a “make your own entreé.”


Among all the countries in EPCOT, Norway is the one I feel has changed the most over time.

It unquestionably exudes a Scandinavian aura and showcases architectural brilliance through its cobblestone streets and buildings that resemble a 14th-century Oslo fort and a 13th-century stave church.

At the same time, it has become a poster child for advertising Disney’s blockbuster animation film, Frozen.

Attractions & Entertainment

What was earlier the informational Maelstrom ride is now Frozen Ever After.

The slow-moving, indoor boat ride runs on the same track as its predecessor and continues the story of Frozen from where the film ends.

The ride’s plot revolves around Winter in Summer Festival, with almost all Frozen characters showing up at one point or another.

It’s a nice ride, and believe it or not, I still find myself humming along when Elsa shows up on the balcony singing “Let It Go.”

Other attractions at the Norway pavilion include a meet and greet with Elsa and Anna at the Royal Soomerhus.

And if you find Norse mythology interesting, the Gods of Vikings exhibit is a must-see.

Shopping in Norway is fun as I never know what eccentric item I’ll come across: books on mythology, troll dolls, canned sardines, there’s much to explore.

Food & Drink

Norway pavilion is another place where I feel those responsible for food dropped the ball.

The country is known for its deeply rich forest-to-plate cuisine. Thus, the pavilion would have been perfect for hosting a fine dining eatery serving avant-garde Nordic cuisine.

Still, we have Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, which serves open sandwiches, pastries, school bread, and coffee.

The pavilion’s Akershus Banquet Hall, modeled after a Medieval castle, is its most-visited culinary attraction. Here, you can book a table for “Princess Storybook Dining” to enjoy a meal and meet Disney princesses.


Morocco is, in my opinion, the most underrated pavilion. Sadly, it is also one of the places people forget when counting how many countries are in EPCOT.

Arguably the most beautiful pavilion, Morocco is atmospheric and immersive, displaying replicas of the 12th century Koutoubia Mosque minaret, the Bab Boujloud gate, and a Nejjarine Fontaine-inspired courtyard.

A little-known fact about the pavilion is that King Hassan II sent his private artisans to work on the various archways, mosaics, and tiled floors and walls during construction.

Authentic and colorful, once inside, I always feel like I’ve gone through a portal to Morocco and am no longer in EPCOT.

Attractions & Entertainment

Entertainment at the Morocco pavilion is as dynamic as its setting. When visiting during festivals, belly dancing shows, regional music performances, and acrobatic acts are typical.

At other times, visitors can learn about life in Morocco via a three-screen slide show inside the Ville Nouvelle.

One of my favorite exhibits in EPCOT is here. At the Gallery of Arts & History, I love to walk around the Race Against the Sun: Ancient Technique to Modern Competition.

The displays inform about the history of the Berber community and how they survive in the harshness of the region.

At the same time, the exhibition highlights the Marathon des Sables and Rally of the Gazelles. The former is a six-day, 250 km run, while the latter is an all-women off-road car rally.

Traditional shopping in Morocco is possible at the Souk-Al-Magreb. They also have stalls for henna tattoos and souvenirs. While kids usually head straight to Lamps of Wonder to meet Jasmine.

Food & Drink

Spice Road Table is the pavilion’s prominent eating spot, serving small plates of fried calamari, garlic shrimp, tagine, and a mix of African, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean fare.

The restaurant’s location by the water makes it the picture-perfect choice for a fireworks dining reservation.

Tangierine Cafe offers classic regional dishes through counter service. Oasis Sweets & Sips, on the other hand, satiates sweet cravings by plating delicious baklava, almond crescent cookies, and sangria.

Morocco, till recently, was home to Restaurant Marrakesh, one of the best places to eat in EPCOT. However, at present, it is closed until further notice.

United Kingdom

The UK pavilion at EPCOT sees maximum footage in the evening even though it has no galleries, rides, or shows.

Why? Read on…

When it comes to architecture, the UK pavilion looks like a city High Street, with each building representing a different era. Intricate work and craftsmanship further give these Victorian, Tudor, and Georgian-themed structures life.

Among my favorites is the thatched roof cottage inspired by Anne Hathaway’s abode in Stratford Upon Avon.

Oh! And the iconic red telephone booth and mailbox, too!

Attractions & Entertainment

The UK pavilion is limited in attractions. Still, Tigger’s Maze, made of boxwood hedges, is loved by children.

Then, there are occasional music performances by different bands, typically covering British sounds from the 1960s to the 1990s.

As for characters, there’s Mary Poppins and Alice, who you can meet at different times during the day.

In fact, the UK pavilion’s center space was to undergo a refurbishment as Cherry Tree Lane from Mary Poppins. But that is on hold for now.

I do love shopping in the UK section of EPCOT.

They have plenty of fun things to buy for the entire family, like play sets from The Toy Soldier, British tea paraphernalia from The Tea Caddy, and sporting jerseys and goods from The Sportsman’s Shoppe.

Crown & Crests is a shop that sells swords, daggers, crests, and beer steins. It is one place I can never leave empty-handed.

Food & Drink

Pub food seems to have a monopoly in the UK pavilion. Head to Yorkshire County Fish Shop and pick up draught beer with battered fish and chips for a speedy bite.

Rose & Crown Dining Room carries the theme with pub classics like scotch eggs, bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie, and sticky toffee pudding. A lovely place to watch the fireworks, they also have an allergy-free menu.

The Rose & Crown Pub draws in big crowds towards the end of the day. The interiors are to the point, with impromptu sing-alongs adding to the atmosphere. Even though I love a good British ale, my choice of drink here is always Pimm’s.


When things start getting a little hectic, and I desperately need to relax, Japan is my place of solitude.

One of the larger pavilions, it presents visitors with fantastic photo opportunities.

The Torii gate, a 7th-century five-story Hōryū-ji Temple replica with its blue rooftops, streams with koi fish and bridges, and Japanese flora, giving the gardens colorful vibrancy, add to the serenity of surroundings.

Attractions & Entertainment

While the Japanese pavilion at EPCOT has no attractions or rides, it makes up for it by offering one of the best retail options.

But first, pay a visit to the building that looks like a 17th-century Japanese castle to view the Kawaii culture exhibit. Kawaii means cute in Japanese and is integral to their local lifestyle.

Mitsukoshi, named after the oldest department store in the world, dating back to 1673, has an array of things for sale.

Whether you want traditional specialties like chopsticks, pear jewelry, and bonsai trees or pop culture merchandise depicting Pokémon or Godzilla, they have it all.

Not to miss inside the store is the sake-tasting bar, especially if you want an introduction to Japan’s favorite alcoholic drink.

As for entertainment, the Japanese taiko drumming show is one of the most-watched in the World Showcase.

So, plan your visit to the Japan pavilion around the Matsuriza performance.

Food & Drink

Out of all the countries in EPCOT, Japan impresses me the most with its culinary possibilities.

Takumi-Tei is one of the few fine dining establishments in all of EPCOT. Their omakase menu is heavenly.

However, I recommend Katsura Grill for more budget-friendly meals. A preferred spot to view the nightly fireworks, they serve udon noodles, okonomiyaki, curry rice, and Japanese beer.

Toppan Edo and Shiki-Sai Sushi Izakaya are the two dining selections inside Mitsukoshi. You can savor teppanyaki, sushi, sashimi, Japanese green tea, and other delicacies between the two.

And if it’s a hot day, the shaved ice from Kabuki Cafe provides much relief.


The US pavilion, known as American Adventure, makes you feel patriotic from the get-go as it celebrates American history with much fanfare.

Its colonial-inspired architecture is reminiscent of the Independence Hall, Boston’s Old State House, and buildings in Colonial Williamsburg.

Furthermore, the 110,000 handmade Georgia clay bricks used to make the buildings give them even more authenticity.

The main hall contains inspirational quotes from greats like Ayn Rand, Walt Disney, Charles Lindbergh, Jane Addams, Wendell Lewis Wilkie, and Althea Gibson.

Attractions & Entertainment

The American Adventure is the pavilion’s main attraction. The 29-minute show hosted by Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain has amazing audio-animatronics.

Projected on a 72″ screen, American Adventure incorporates 35 audio-animatronic figures to tell the story of America through critical moments of its history: Pilgrim’s arrival at Plymouth Rock, Boston Tea Party, signing of the Declaration of Independence, Civil War, and even the invention of the telephone.

You’ll also notice 12 “Spirits of America” statues in the theater, six on each side, along the walls.

They represent the Spirit of Adventure, Compassion, Discovery, Freedom, Heritage, Independence, Individualism, Innovation, Knowledge, Pioneering, Self-Reliance, and Tomorrow.

We’ve had enlightening and deep conversations with the kids about what each word means and how it reflects everyday American life.

The US pavilion has among the best galleries in EPCOT. The Hall of Flags exhibit displays various flags throughout the history of the USA. Whereas the Soul of Jazz is about the history of jazz across time and the American landscape.

At the American Heritage Gallery, you can walk around Creating Tradition: Innovation and Change in American Indian Art. The exhibition features over 80 pieces by various native artists.

Wait! There’s more.

The American Garden Theater is an outdoor stage where live shows occur, particularly during festivals.

Voice of Liberty, an eight-member cappella group, is more of a regular feature that belts out harmonious patriotic songs in the indoor rotunda.

The pavilion has an Art of Disney shop, which is pretty standard. If you haven’t been to one elsewhere, it is an excellent store to stroll around, appreciating the colorful and artistic world of Disney animation.

Food & Drink

Confession time!

I don’t usually eat here if it’s just the family and me.

But the US pavilion is ideal for tasting quintessential American comfort food whenever we have overseas guests.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse is a carnivore’s dream come true. Their Memphis dry-rub pork ribs and cheeseburgers are juicy to the max. And the loaded burnt-end fries, mac and cheese, and s’mores brownie are oh-so-good.

The restaurant also has a genuinely expansive gluten, wheat, soy, fish, sesame, peanut, and egg allergy-friendly menu.

Fife & Drum Tavern plates classic Americana in the form of hot dogs, popcorn, root beer floats, and turkey legs. At the same time, Block & Haus is a hot favorite with American craft beer enthusiasts. Their Mickey pretzels and cheese sauce are an unmissable EPCOT snack.

Funnel Cake is a small booth at EPCOT’s American Adventure that serves classic as well as cookies and cream funnel cake with toppings like powdered sugar or vanilla ice cream.

Some might say I saved the best for last when talking about the US pavilion.

However, the reason for covering the US at the end of how many countries are in EPCOT is that I wanted to play the perfect host and shine a spotlight on all the other countries first.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 13 countries of EPCOT?

Visitors sometimes get confused about how many countries are in EPCOT because of various refreshment kiosks.

To clear the matter, there are not 13, but only 11 countries in EPCOT World Showcase, as listed at the beginning of this article.

Is India in EPCOT?

No. There is, however, an outlet near the China pavilion where you can purchase tasty Indian snacks like samosas, chicken tikka masala, and mango lassi.

What is the African outpost at EPCOT?

Not precisely a pavilion, the African Outpost is a small section between China and Germany sponsored by Coca-Cola.

The outpost consists of African mud huts with thatched roofs used for retail and refreshment stalls.

While the food is pretty basic, like hot dogs and soft-serve ice cream, they do have African-themed merchandise in the form of masks, souvenirs, face painting, bead bracelets, as well as wood and soapstone carvings.

The outpost hosts OrisiRisi acts from time to time, which is a traditional recital comprising African drums and folk storytelling.

How many countries are in EPCOT now?

As much as everyone would love to have some new countries join the World Showcase, there are 11 countries in EPCOT for now.

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