Best Rides for Toddlers at Magic Kingdom

What are the best rides for toddlers at Magic Kingdom? Believe it or not, there are more than ten rides in Magic Kingdom that don’t have requirements for height.

When it comes to the best rides for toddlers at Magic Kingdom, the list includes It’s a Small World, Jungle Cruise, Buzz Light Year’s Space Ranger Spin, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Astro Orbiter, Little Mermaid’s Under The Sea Journey and the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Also, another ride with no height requirement is the extremely popular Peter Pan’s Flight,

Some might say that the ideal part for toddlers is Magic Kingdom. This park has the most small-children rides with no height requirement among all the toddler parks. Every toddler will find something to enjoy at Magic Kingdom. Whether they love gentler rides like It’s A Small World or more thrilling rides such as The Haunted Mansion, there is sure to be something everyone of every age loves at Magic Kingdom.

It’s A Small World

When it comes to the best rides for toddlers at Magic Kingdom, It’s A Small World is hard to beat. As a matter of fact, It’s A Small World is almost a rite of passage. Every toddler who has ever gone to Magic Kingdom has gotten on this ride once, twice or more. Singing dolls designed vibrantly from around the world are the view from the ride. The song is whimsical and toddlers will forever remember the ride of their life with their favorite parent right beside them as they float through It’s A Small World, after all.

Because this ride is considered world famous, don’t be surprised when the line for this ride is the longest among all the toddler rides in Magic Kingdom. As a matter of fact, it may almost feel as if there are no other toddler rides available. On the contrary, you will find that if you walk through Magic Kingdom and look at the signs more closely, you will find toddler rides dotting the area more than any other park in America.

Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise features no height requirement and toddlers love seeing the robot animals features on the ride. Cover your ears as a fake gunshot is heard as you ride. Jungle Cruise does not feature actual live animals the way the Kilimanjaro Safari does in Animal Kingdom, but animal lovers will still love the simulation of actual animals through this ride.

Space Ranger Spin By Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is so satisfying you and your toddler will want to go more than once. With no height requirement, this ride involves a game that involves finding a red laser dot in the room. The cool features and the vibrant visuals feel like you are on a wild adventure as you spot the animatronic Zurgs and the giant robot toy within the ride.

Pirates Of The Caribbean

Every toddler who loves pirates will love Jack Sparrow and The Pirates Of The Caribbean. With several appearances made by Sparrow, toddlers who are familiar with the film will love being able to spot Jack time and time again. Some of the scenes may not appeal to some toddlers although the whimsical pirates burning down the town is quite entertaining. There are tons of animated scenes that every toddler will be sure to enjoy. Some explosions are loud but if you warn your toddler ahead of time, everything should be all right and most definitely unforgettable.

The Magic Carpet Of Aladdin, Dumbo The Flying Elephant and Astro Orbiter

Each of these rides is available for toddlers. The best views come fro Astro Orbiter but the next two come in close seconds. The views are simply magnificent and your toddler and yourself are in for the ride of your lives. Who does not love Dumbo The Flying Elephant or Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride and the genie involved. Toddlers who have watched the movies at home are going to be thrilled to see their movie characters come to life right here in Magic Kingdom.

Journey Of The Little Mermaid Under The Sea

Little Mermaid Under The Sea is one of the best rides for toddlers at Magic Kingdom. With no height requirement, toddlers and their parents are asked to sit inside a shell and are taken through The Little Mermaid story scenes. The view features familiar scenes from the extremely familiar and popular story of the Little Mermaid. If you watch the movie with your toddler before actually going to Magic Kingdom, your toddler will be sure to get the entertainment and thrill of his or her life.

The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh

This fun ride features tons of effect. The Many Adventures of Winnie the pooh features more creative scenes compared to the Little Mermaid, some might say. Nonetheless, If you have ever read your toddler the story about Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, and Christopher Robin, the familiar story will delight children of every age.

Peter Pan’s Flight

At Magic Kingdom, this ride is the most popular for toddlers and for good reason. Not only are there no height requirements, but this ride is also unique and quite exhilarating in a gentle way. Unlike other rides in Magic Kingdom, Peter Pan’s Flight has the additional quirk of letting you fly in a “ship” seemingly above the pretend sky. Even if adults may find this a little monotonous, toddlers tend to be exhilarated and usually want to go again. For this reason, whenever you plan to go to Magic Kingdom, you need to get a Fast Pass for this particular ride. The reason is that its popularity is immense and there is always a very long line to get in. Skip the lines with your toddler by getting yourself your very own Fast Pass.

Riverboat on Liberty Square

Take a leisurely ride with the younger kids through the Liberty Square Riverboat that sails around the Rivers of America on a steamship. This is a great toddler ride as your toddler can begin walking around the ship while watching the water, especially if you were able to ride during a not-so-crowded time of day.

The Regal Carousel Of Prince Charming

Be your knight in shining armor on a white horse, or any color horse for that matter as you enjoy a carousel ride on the Regal Carousel of Prince Charming. Hold your toddler atop a carousel horse of their choice or get one each if they are brave enough to hold on by themselves! Carousel rides are synonymous with the most traditional childhood memories so don’t fail to take your toddler on this one!

Mad Tea Party

Who does not love the spinning cups? Parents and toddlers alike will love sitting inside a giant teacup while being spun around in circles. Children will want to go again as they have most likely never seen such a giant teacup in their life.

PeopleMover By Tomorrowland’s Transit Authority

Another ride appropriate for kids of all ages, including ht toddler kids is the PeopleMover by Tomorrowland Transit Authority. This indoor and outdoor tour through Tomorrowland is on a vehicle called the omnimover. There are no great effects or story. Toddlers will love seeing all the sights that Magic Kingdom has to offer while on the PeopleMover.

The World Railroad At Walt Disney

A train attraction, the World Railroad at Walt Disney takes trip after trip at Magic Kingdom with stops at Fantasyland, Frontierland, and Main Street USA. Throughout the ride, there are sets you can take and it is a great opportunity to ride a pulled train by an actual locomotive powered by steam.

Vehicles On Main Street

The vehicles on Main Street refer to the actual vehicles that drive passengers down and up Main Street USA during the earlier hours of the day. Adults love Main Street vehicles for the nostalgic factor and easy transport. Of course, toddlers that expected something more thrilling may be a tiny bit underwhelmed.

Haunted Mansion

Unlike walking through rooms in a haunted house and meeting scary characters, Haunted Mansion is non-traditional. Just like the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and The Little Mermaid’s Journey, The Haunted Mansion lets you get through a house with happy haunts. Not really scare for adults, Haunted Mansion is more quirky, whimsical and fun. Naturally, kids may get spooked by the ghost animatronics, dark rooms, and spooky voices. However, it is a less-scary Disney ride if there is such a thing. Nonetheless, there’s a height requirement and braver kids will want seconds.

Country Bear Jamboree

This extremely popular show features hilarious jokes that may not be one hundred percent appropriate for the younger kids. However, Country Bear Jamboree is still an attraction at Disney and features bears that sing. Toddler will love the way they all sing at the same time, and will most likely not understand any of the jokes the bears make.

The PhilharMagic of Mickey

This outdoor three-dimensional PhilharMagic show features popular songs and characters from the movies by Disney including The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Aladdin.

Belle And the Enchanted Tales

Meet and greet Belle during Enchanted Tales with a small performance featuring Belle along with the cast of Beauty And The Beast. The familiar songs and dances will be sure to thrill your toddler. If he or she knows the songs, you can encourage singing along to the delight of your little one.

What Characters Can My Toddler Meet In Magic Kingdom?

Characters are normally separate from attractions. However, your toddler will love meeting many different characters using their Fast Pass in the area. Use the app called My Disney Experience to find out what schedule each character has as you walk around the park with your toddler. One thing’s for sure, your toddler will never forget the moment he or she met actual characters they normally see in the movies, ever.

Laugh Floor by Monsters, Inc

This indoor show is called Monsters, Inc. This stand up show headlines Mike Wazowski and Monster Inc’s characters. The jokes are enjoyable and hilarious. Kids and adults alike are going to want seconds.

Where Can Toddlers Dine At Magic Kingdom?

Toddlers that love pizza, burgers and hot dogs will love going on Main Street and finding Casey’s Corner. Also, Tomorrow Land’s Cosmic Ray and Fantasyland’s Pinocchio Village House features the most scrumptious toddler-friendly food. If your family prefers dining at the Plaza Restaurant or Tony’s, which is a restaurant with table services, there are kiddie menus to choose from with five meals your child can peruse through. No matter what type of food your toddler likes, he or she will definitely be able to find something delicious at Magic Land.

Will My Toddler Like The Rides At Magic Land?

No matter what personality your toddler has, whether he or she loves loud, thrilling rides or is more of a quiet, gentle person that loves less stimulation, you will be able to find it at Magic Kingdom. Unlike all the other parks around the globe, Magic Kingdom has the most attractions for toddlers. So much so that you may even begin to assume that the park was created exclusively for toddlers, the way so many rides don’t have height requirements. Check to see which rides have the shortest lines and line up there with your toddler.

As an alternative, you can also get yourself a Fast Pass and go through the rides with your toddler without ever having to line up. This saves you and your toddler from waiting minute after minute at the long lines in the more popular rides. Everyone knows about the short attention span of your toddler so a Fast Pass Would spare you this. You might also want to download the Disney app which saves you tons of time catching all the character appearances in the park. Your toddler will be able to get a real experience he or she will never forget at Magic Kingdom without ever having to wait in line tediously.

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