How Big Is The Magic Kingdom?

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I think it’s important to talk about how big is The Magic Kingdom. Why? Because if you want to see and do everything on your Disney trip, you’ll have to walk all around The Magic Kingdom. 

So, exactly how big is The Magic Kingdom? Disney’s Magic Kingdom is 107 acres in total, spread over six different lands.

Keep reading to find out some more fun trivia about the size of Magic Kingdom. And find out how it compares to other Disney World theme parks, Disneyland Resort California, and Disney parks around the world.

How Big Is The Magic Kingdom (in acres)?

As mentioned, The Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is 107 total acres in size. This includes some areas that are only for cast members and are restricted for guests. 

The 107 acres is not counting the Magic Kingdom parking lot, which, at 125 acres, is larger than Magic Kingdom itself!

Indeed, the Magic Kingdom parking lot is big enough to hold 12,000 cars (and Walt Disney World is always expanding to enhance guest experience).

It’s evident that the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is huge, 107 acres of land is no joke. But it might be surprising for you to learn that Magic Kingdom is, in fact, the smallest Walt Disney World Property (theme park).

Meaning, Magic Kingdom is actually smaller than Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

If you are disappointed by the size of Magic Kingdom, don’t be. It may be small, but it packs a big punch.

The Magic Kingdom has the maximum number of rides and attractions of all the Walt Disney World Florida parks. And it continues to be the most popular park with an annual attendance of nearly 21 million in 2019.

Area of Each Land in the Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is divided into six themed lands, namely Main Street USA, Liberty Square, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, and Frontierland.

Liberty Square

Liberty Square is the smallest land in Magic Kingdom, measuring about 4.5 acres.

Main Street USA

Main Street USA is approximately 12 acres.


Tomorrowland is about 8 acres.


Frontierland is roughly 8.5 acres (plus an additional 1.7 acres for the Tom Sawyer Island).


Adventureland measures about 11.5 acres.


Fantasyland is the biggest land at Magic Kingdom, measuring 15.5 acres.

Is The Magic Kingdom Expanding?

Walt Disney World had said that the parks would keep growing and evolving.

It’s expected that the most popular Walt Disney World park in Orlando, The Magic Kingdom, will expand and grow beyond 107 acres over the years with future construction. 

Indeed, with the 50th anniversary celebrations of Walt Disney World scheduled for 2021, Magic Kingdom and the rest of the Walt Disney World Resort are getting some major updates. 

The most anticipated addition to Magic Kingdom is going to be the TRON roller coaster that is being added near Space Mountain in Tomorrowland. This should easily add another 10 acres or so to The Magic Kingdom.

How Big Is The Magic Kingdom Compared To Other Parks in Walt Disney World?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the largest theme park in Walt Disney World at 500 acres. And guess what? If you don’t count the animal exhibits or shows, the Animal Kingdom has very limited attractions and the fewest number of rides.


The next largest theme park in the Disney World stable is Epcot at 300 acres. That makes Epcot more than twice the size of The Magic Kingdom theme park.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The third biggest of Walt Disney World’s theme parks in Florida is Hollywood Studios at 135 acres. That means it just edges out in front of the Magic Kingdom in terms of size. 

The single biggest themed land at Hollywood Studios is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge which spans more than 14 acres.

Disney Springs

I can’t miss mentioning the most happening entertainment destination in Walt Disney World with more than 100 shops, 60+ dining locations, and dozens of attractions – Disney Springs.

At 120 acres in size, Disney Springs is a little bigger than The Magic Kingdom in Disney World.

Blizzard Beach

Coming in at 66 acres in size, Disney’s Blizzard Beach is the larger of the two Disney water parks. But it is considerably smaller than The Magic Kingdom. 

Typhoon Lagoon

With 56 acres of tropical oasis, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park is a great place to soak up the fun in Orlando. It is about half the size of The Magic Kingdom.

How Big Is The Magic Kingdom Compared To Disneyland?

The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, is spread over 500 acres. That means it is five times bigger than the Magic Kingdom and about the same size as the Animal Kingdom theme park in Orlando. 

Disneyland California has two separate parks – The Disneyland Park (98 acres) and Disney California Adventure (71 acres). The rest of the park area consists of parking lots, cast member areas, etc. 

If you compare the size of the Disneyland Park (98 acres) in Anaheim, California, to The Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida (107 acres), then Magic Kingdom comes out on top by a slim margin.

However, if you compare the size of Disneyland California (500 acres) to Walt Disney World Florida, then WDW Florida at a humongous 25,000 acres is more than 50 times bigger than its West Coast cousin. 

How Big Is The Magic Kingdom Compared To Other Disney Parks?

As noted, Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World is 107 acres in size. Here’s how other Disney theme parks measure up against Magic Kingdom:

Disneyland Shanghai, China (225 acres)

The entire land area of Shanghai Disneyland in China is 963 acres, making it the second biggest Disney park in the world.

However, the Magic Kingdom-like area dedicated to guests is about 225 acres. This still makes the Shanghai Disneyland park twice as big as Magic Kingdom in Florida. 

An interesting bit of trivia for you… Shanghai Disneyland has the biggest Cinderella Castle among all the Disney parks. At Magic Kingdom, the Cinderella Castle stands 189 feet tall. In Shanghai, it is 197 feet tall. 

Disneyland Resort Anaheim, California (500 acres)

With Walt Disney World being a whopping 25,000 acres, approximately 50 Disneylands can fit into the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. But Disneyland (500 acres) is far bigger than The Magic Kingdom (107 acres).

Disneyland Paris, France (140 acres)

The Paris edition is the fourth biggest Disney park in the world and around 33 acres bigger than Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

Disney Resort Tokyo, Japan (113 acres)

The fifth biggest Disney park in the world is Tokyo Disneyland in Japan. With about 113 acres of land, it is roughly the same size as Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

Hong Kong Disneyland, China (68 acres)

It may be the smallest, but it has all things Disney that you’ve come to expect. Indeed, at 68 acres the Disneyland park located in Hong Kong is often touted as ideal for the toddler brigade.

Disney Cruise Line

While they are technically not theme parks, the Disney cruise ships do offer much of the same experience as the resorts to couples and groups of friends and family.

The older and smaller ships like Disney Wonder and Disney Magic carry up to 2,700 passengers. The newer and bigger Disney Cruise Line ships like Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy are designed to sail with up to 4,000 people on board.

On average, these ships are 1,000 feet long or the size of three football fields. I haven’t calculated how many acres they are, though!

My Final Thoughts

How many Disney parks have you visited around the world?

Now that you know how big the Magic Kingdom park is and lots of other information about the size of Disney parks, you can impress even a cast member with your knowledge of Disney trivia. 

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