Is Toy Story Land Inside Magic Kingdom?

Did you know there is a Toy Story Land in many Disney parks around the world? There’s one in Hong Kong, one in Shanghai, and one in Paris. And, of course, there’s one in the United States. But is Toy Story Land inside Magic Kingdom?

No, Toy Story Land is not inside Magic Kingdom. It is located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando. Toy Story Land is a great place to experience themed rides, dining, and shopping and rub shoulders with all your favorite characters such as Buzz Lightyear, Sheriff Woody and the rest of the gang.

Keep reading to learn more about Toy Story Land, including where to find it and what to do there.

Where in Disney is Toy Story Land? What park is the new Toy Story Land in?

Toy Story Land is in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. There are also Toy Story Lands in Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland Park, and Walt Disney Studios Park (Disneyland Paris).

What park is the new Toy Story Land in?

Toy Story Land is in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Is Toy Story Land in Magic Kingdom?

As noted, Toy Story Land is NOT in Magic Kingdom. The only Toy Story Land in the U.S. is in Orlando at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It opened on June 30, 2018, and is an 11-acre attraction, making it the largest Toy Story Land anywhere in the world.

What lands are in Magic Kingdom?

The lands in Magic Kingdom include Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Tomorrowland, Main Street U.S.A., and Liberty Square. There’s no Toy Story Land in Magic Kingdom.

Is Toy Story Land in Disneyland or Disney World?

Toy Story Land is in Disney World Orlando in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Visitors to Disneyland California can experience some Toy Story fun at the Pixar Pier which has four “neighborhoods” based on Inside Out, Incredibles, a collection of Pixar animations – and – Toy Story.

How many rides are at Toy Story Land?

There are 3 rides at Toy Story Land. But there’s lots to do besides the rides. Toy Story Land is designed to resemble Andy’s backyard. The characters from the 1995 movie Toy Story appear in larger-than-life forms so visitors feel they have shrunk to the size of toys. To add to the playtime vibe are Rubik’s Cubes, Crayons, Green Army Men, and Cooties. The rides at Toy Story Land include:

Slinky Dog Coaster: A mini-coaster that’s ideal for first-time roller coaster riders. Guests go flying through Andy’s backyard in cars that are carved out of a giant Slinky Dog.

Alien Swirling Saucers: Riders are whipped into outer space in a vehicle commandeered by a little green alien.

Toy Story Mania: This is a 4D carnival themed dark ride in which guests try to score points by hitting targets.

What’s there to do at Toy Story Land?

Besides the three rides at Toy Story Land, other entertainment includes the Green Army Men Drum Corps, a talented band of drummers that plays entertaining high-energy drum sequences. Toy Story Land guests can also join the Green Army Patrol for a daily interactive boot camp – this is a fun, impromptu training session for families where recruits of all ages can get on their feet and face challenges like a real Army cadet.

Like everywhere in Disney World, there are character meet and greets in Toy Story Land. Expect to run into Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep, Jessie, Woody, and other beloved characters from the popular movies.

What restaurants does Toy Story Land have?

Woody’s Lunch Box is currently the only refreshments stand in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando. It serves classic treats for lunch and dinner and there are drinks for grown-ups as well. A themed table-service restaurant called Woody’s Roundup Rodeo BBQ has been announced but is not yet open as of mid-2021.

6 Must-Dos in Toy Story Land

Disney has taken all the toys that millions of people love and blown them up to giant sizes so that guests feel like they’re toys in Toy Story Land. Here are our picks of the 6 must-dos at Toy Story Land:

#1: Ride Slinky Dog Dash: Got little ones in your party? Slinky Dog Dash is a family-friendly coaster that’s a lot less intense than the Rock n Roller Coaster. It’s fun enough for adults and older kids and doesn’t have any scary drops, so it’s perfect for the whole family.

#2: Go for a spin on Alien Swirling Saucers: Featuring adorable little green men, this spin ride is less intense than even the Mad Tea Party at Magic Kingdom, so if you’re prone to getting dizzy, you might want to give this ride a try.

#3: Tank up on refreshments: From old-fashioned soda floats to fresh oven pastries, Woody’s Lunch Box serves up cute and tasty fare that is so much better than the boxed stuff.

#4: Pose for pics: The detailing at Toy Story Land is just incredible. From the wooden racetracks to the domino benches, you can see that Disney Imagineers have put a lot of thought into making Toy Story Land a superb experience for guests. This makes it a great place to take pictures against colorful backgrounds. And if you can get a photo with Woody, brace for all the social media likes!

#5: Have fun waiting in lines: Yes, you read that right. Lines are a way of life at Disney World, but Toy Story Land is one of the most fun places to wait in line. From giant Etch-A-Sketches to interactive puzzles and riddles, there’s never a dull moment when you’re waiting for your turn in Toy Story Land.

#6: Buy a Toy Story souvenir: We love the Slinky Dog headbands, but there’s lots of other Toy Story merch that you can buy in Toy Story Land.

How much does it cost to go to Toy Story Land?

In 2021, a one-day base ticket for Disney World costs $109 to $159 per adult (ages 10+) and $104 to $154 per child (ages 3-9). When you purchase this base ticket, it allows entry to any one of the four Disney theme parks in Orlando, including Disney’s Hollywood Studios where Toy Story Land is located.

So, what are you waiting for? Andy’s backyard has come to life at Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Florida. Head over to the colorful landscape that’s buzzing with energy and tell us if your family enjoyed Toy Story Land in Orlando.

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