Skull Island: Reign of Kong at Universal

Skull Island: Reign of Kong opened in the Summer of 2016 and has been a big attraction ever since. This is one of our favorite rides at universal and we definitely hit it up a few times each trip.

You get 3D glasses on this ride and it creates a massive sense of dread as you wait in the scary line and then go for an intense ride fighting bugs, dinosaurs and needing Kong to save you.

Overall a great experience and worth visiting again and again.

Where is Skull Island: Reign of Kong Located at Universal Studios?

The skull island reign of Kong ride is located at the Islands of Adventures, right next to the Jurassic Park area. This placement is perfect. It naturally fits with the dinos of Jurassic Park and in fact, the ride has an epic Kong vs Dinosaur battle.

How Tall Do You Have to Be to Ride Skull Island: Reign of Kong?

The height requirement for this ride is 36 inches.

This might suggest that it is okay to take young kids along, but the thrill factor of the ride is pretty high as the animatronics and visuals can get intense.

The natives chanting and jumping at you, bones, bodies and scary carvings at the queue can also be creepy and disturbing for children. So make sure they are prepared for this experience. Our 5 year old loves it but not every little one will be ok.

Is Child Swap Available at Kong Skull Island?

Yes, child swap is available on this ride. You can also opt for single rider’s line and use an express pass for this trackless, 3D skull island reign of Kong ride.

The express pass line can still be long some times and you have to wait in line to get to the child swap section so this can be a little annoying and scary with a little one.

How Long is the Line at the Kong Skull Island Ride?

The wait time for the skull island reign of Kong ride can be hours on busy days and at the peak hours.

The best time to visit is within the 1st hour of the park entry. The peak hours during which you have to stand in long queues is between 12 PM to 2 PM.

The Orlando planning app also gives you an insight into the current wait times and daily activity. The queue of this ride is so immersive and exciting that the wait might not be as off-putting as you might think.

Is Skull Island a Roller Coaster?

Skull Island: Reign of Kong is not your typical roller coaster. It is a 4d Simulator ride rather than a traditional roller coaster ride. So you are not on a track and don’t do a bunch of loops or drops like you would on the Incredible Hulk Ride.

What Happened to KONGfrontation?

Kongfrontation was one of the original attractions at Universal since 1990. It closed in 2002 and was replaced with Revenge of the Mummy. It was one of the most beloved rides in the park, as it represented the era of classic thrillers, and showcased the iconic scene with Kong’s rampage and evacuation of the city.

If you are one of those people who was let down and disappointed with the closing of Kongfrontation, Kong Skull Island will make up for it a little bit. The best animatronic is a life-size Kong at the end of the ride with intricate details to mimic the glorious beast we have come to know and love in the movies.

Is Skull Island reign of Kong scary?

Yes, Skull Island Reign of Kong is considered scary. The line itself might be the scariest part of the ride. It is designed to be part of the story and add to the build-up and scare factor of the ride.

While waiting in line as you walk through the dark caverns of Skull Island and you run into different characters that are scary, some of which speak gibberish and the only word you understand is “Kong” might be the scariest part of the ride.

Does Skull Island have a drop?

Spoiler alert: While it doesn’t have a drop in the traditional sense of the word you do feel like your vehicle is falling before Kong catches you on the ride.

Is King Kong at Universal Studios?

The skull island reign of Kong ride is technically located at the Islands of Adventures which is the second of the Universal Parks and is located across from Universal Studios.

What type of ride is Kong Skull Island?

Skull Island: Reign of Kong is a 4D simulator ride. The vehicles are trackless 40-feet long and hold up to 72 people.

Vehicles leave every 2 minutes, with up to 4 on the track at a time.

Guests are transported back to the 1930s, similar to the original King Kong storylines. The queue is set in this time frame and the ride itself has elements of things from this time like the vehicles and the drivers.

The drivers are animatronics that interact with the riders in a variety of different ways so each time you ride you can get a different experience.

Kong Skull Island Animatronics

Some of the most impressive animatronics I have seen. Kong himself is awesome and you get a real good look at him later in the ride. He has a ton of detail and seems so life like.

There are 5 different drivers that have their own backstories and interactions and give you a different experience so you can have 5 different tour guides take you around Skull Island.

How long is the Kong ride at Universal?

Kong Skull Island is about 6 minutes in length. The ride feels like it goes on for a while and you get a great experience out of it for the wait time. It’s one of our favorites.

Is There A Real Skull Island?

No, there is no real Skull Island. Skull Island is a fictional island that is most commonly attached to stories around King Kong.

Is Kong Skull Island Ride Related to the Movie Skull Island?

Kong Skull Island the ride actually gets most of its inspiration from the Peter Jackson Universal picture King Kong and has no official connection to the recent Kong Skull Island movie.

Tips for Enjoying the New King Kong Ride at Universal

  1. The rear end of the truck gives you the best views of the action-packed visuals and animatronics.
  2. The right side has the best view at the end when you come face to face with the life-sized animatronic Kong.
  3. Take your 3D glasses off at this point to better appreciate the full-size Kong. 
  4. There are some great opportunities to take pictures in the queue and entrance.
  5. If you plan to take your kids along, take special care during the line as it can be a little scary for the littles but our 5 year old loves it.
  6. The best time to ride the skull island reign of Kong is before the peak afternoon hours.

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