Top 17 Vacation Spots in Texas for Families

The Lone Star State has a charm and appeal of its own. Texas has something for everyone, making it one of the dream vacation spots for families. The highlights of the state include its hearty and delicious food, wonderful landscapes and places of great historical value.

It is also considered to be the live music capital of the world and a great place to plan adventurous road trips with over 72,000 miles of highways beautified with lovely bluebonnets. All of this seems to be quite promising in shaping a great vacation, but Texas is a big state, and the choices can be overwhelming. In this article, we will tell you about the best vacation spots in Texas and how to make the best out of your family vacation in Texas, but first, let us interest you with a quick story.

Texas is a land of marvel and beauty. You’ll experience an eclectic assortment of wondrous origin stories with rolling hills, salient lakes, and stunning valleys. The sky is painted with striking sunsets and picturesque beauty, and the lands tell a story of poignant historical events like the Misión San Antonio de Valero and Dealey Plaza. The natural landscapes offer splendid views of fossilized reef mountains, river canyon, prairie habitats, old cliffs, and deserts. You can enjoy a bit of everything in Texas. Here are some of the best vacation spots in Texas to explore with your family.

Austin – The Live Musical Capital of the World

Austin is the capital city of Texas and has a lot to offer to anyone who enjoys food, music, and outdoor adventures. It is one of the best places to visit in Texas, as it is a wonderful mix of southern charm and eclectic culture that Texas is known for. The city has many diverse live music shows focusing on rock, country, and blues. It is also a great destination for hiking, swimming boating, and camping. Enjoy the lakeside at the Boardwalk Trail of Lady Bird Lake, or visit one of the many museums showcasing the rich history of the city, Austin won’t disappoint you!

Port Aransas

Great beaches and good food Port A has a lot going for it. We have stayed at Cinnamon shore which is a little south of the city and the beach was awesome nice view and not overly crowded.

There is Mustang State Park there and if you want more to do you can drive into Corpus. There is also a cool ferry the kids like to cross and an awesome little candy shop nearby.

San Antonio – The Alamo City

San Antonio holds the most notable and impressive attractions of Texas, the Alamo and the wonderful River Walk along the San Antonio River. It is a historically substantial city of America with a rich history and diverse legacy. Visit the historic Spanish mission and fortress compound, or take a peaceful and enjoyable walk along the Boardwalk lined up with the finest cafés and shops. It is also a great spot to plan a kid-friendly vacation in Texas with a number of museums, San Antonio Zoo, theme parks, and events.


This quaint little town has German roots with the finest wine in Texas. Enjoy a wholesome family vacation in Texas, go on winery tours and visit Pioneer Museum. Hike along the trails beautified with wildflowers and blow off some steam at the Hill Country Film Festival. It is one of the best places to stay in Texas to get a cozy, country feel without missing out on the city fun.

Galveston Island

It is an excellent spot for a romantic getaway and honeymoons. The coastal city has serene and peaceful beaches to take a stroll along the seawall and unwind. It has a historic pleasure pier that has over 15 rides over water, including a roller coaster and several fun carnival games. Get your moves on in the marine ballroom and visit the huge aquarium and shops along the way.


Everything seems bigger and better in the wonderful city of Dallas. It is a great vacation spot in Texas with intriguing and colorful urban art district, Pritzker Prize-winning architecture, the Reunion Tower, Dallas World Aquarium and the famous Dealey Plaza where you can learn a lot about J.F Kennedy. It is also an enjoyable experience for foodies, as the city has an excellent selection of top-notch restaurants and bars. Six Flags over Texas is a fun way to pack the thrills of arcade, roller coaster, and good treats during your trip. It has something for the sports fanatics as well as there are many sports events taking place in the city throughout the year.

Fort Worth – Cow Town

Fort Worth is also known as the Cow Town. It is located near Dallas and is a great vacation spot in Texas with stockyards and a real farm feel and warmth. It gives you a taste of the old Texas with cattle walks led by legit cowboys, along with delicious restaurants, rodeos, and antique shops. The zoo in the city is ranked one of the best in Texas and has over 7000 exotic animals at the display. The museum at Fort Worth has a vast IMAX dome, planetarium, and historical exhibits.

Houston – The Space City

Houston is the largest city in Texas. There is a lot to do here, Space Center being the number one attraction of the town. At the Space Center, you can meet an actual astronaut and ask them all sorts of questions, as well as see the real and authentic space gear and visit the Mission Control. It also has a wonderful Downtown Aquarium and amusement park. The kids will love the Museum of Natural Sciences with a butterfly center set in a simulated environment of rainforest.

Corpus Christi – Sparkling City by the Sea

This city gives you the option to plan numerous fun activities with your family like go-karting and arcading at Fun trackers Family Fun Center, laughter filled bouncing and fun at Get Air Trampoline Park and going on marine adventures with stingrays, sea turtles, and sharks at the Texas State Aquarium. Wind down and enjoy a gratifying sunset with your family at the Emerald Beach and enjoy hearty and delicious local cuisines.

South Padre Island – Sand Castle Capital of the World

South Padre Island is a beautiful Texas destination with vast stretches of white sandy beaches, famous for kiteboarding and windsurfing. It is ideal for those who are looking for a peaceful time to unwind, relax and soak up the warmth of sunny Texas. If you need to mix in a bit of adventure along the way, you can take up a number of water sports, or explore the wildlife on the island. Stay at one of the heavenly beachfront resorts and explore the historic locations, waterpark and bird watching.


Wimberley is a great little town between San Antonio and Austin. The scenery is amazing and we use to go there a few times a year when we lived in Austin.

It has a butterfly festival once a year that we always made it out to and the kids would have a blast with face paint, feeding the butterflies, etc..


Arlington, Texas is situated right between Dallas and Fort Worth and only 10 minutes from the D/FW International Airport. But while Arlington is not as big as these major cities, it does pack a punch when it comes to things to do and places to see that’s perfect for the entire family to enjoy.

Home to some of Texas’ most famous sports teams, amusement parks packed with rides, and an endless list of parks and museums, one weekend is never enough to experience Arlington’s incredible offerings.

Arlington is home to the Six Flags Over Texas, which is the original Six Flags theme park. An amusement park covering over 200 acres, it’s filled with exciting roller coasters, thrilling games, endless food stalls, and many more attractions for kids of all ages.

And right across the park is the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, which is North Texas’ largest water park. It features a one million-gallon wave pool and over 50 acres of slides that’s perfect for a hot Texas summer.

Arlington is also home to Free Play Arlington, which is an arcade that boasts of over 90 games from Pac-Man to Tetris to the latest games to come out in the market. And the best part? With only $10, you and your kids can play all day at all the games.

Visiting Arlington is never complete without watching a sports game or two. The city is home to the Texas Rangers, the WNBA Dallas Wings, and the Dallas Cowboys. The famous AT&T Stadium is also found in Arlington, where games are held almost every weekend.

New Braunfels

Stretching along the riverbanks of Comal River, Schlitterbahn water park has everything you need to keep everyone in your family happy. Spend the day flying down the water slides, having adventures down the river, and enjoying the sounds of nature in the various open-air picnic areas.

As well as the water-park, you will also find a railroad museum, Children’s museum and live theater. For a different but unforgettable experience, your family can visit Bracken Cave which is home to the largest bat colony in the world, or take part in the walking tour that is organized for everyone to learn the history of the city.

Best of all, because New Braunfels is such a natural wonderland, there is an abundance of things for you and your family to enjoy for free and spend time being in nature. Not only can you go to places such as Landa Park, Fischer Park, and Comal River, but there is also a farmer’s market, and Gruene historic district to explore. Your children will be able to spend some real quality time getting back to nature, and experiencing the great outdoors; in New Braunfels, you will feel like there is never enough time.

There is no doubt that New Braunfels is good for families, every attraction or place of entertainment is either focused on nature or is owned and run by families, in fact, the local attractions were built with the idea to attract and entertain visiting families, especially children. Within the city, you will find sweet shops, ice cream parlors, and plenty of locals on hand to help you have fun.

New Braunfels may seem like a small city compared to others around it, but it is full of activities, shops, and restaurants. The community feel and family values of the city can be felt everywhere you go, and you are your family are guaranteed to have a wonderful time.


Located in the heart of the great state of Texas, the town of Waco is a wonderful place to visit with your family! Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, and spending time in the great outdoors, or prefer to soak up the local culture and history in incredible museums, Waco, Texas is a great place to go for your next vacation!

Waco is home to a multitude of beautiful and well-maintained parks that you and your family are sure to love. The elaborate Kendrick Park is home to a swimming pool with a splash pad, and some amazing slides; Just make sure you okay with the fact that your kids will never want to leave! There is a picnic area, perfect for a pleasant lunch in the shade. This park makes for a wonderful day and is great for families on a budget!

If you and your family are baseball fans, make sure to check out the Ballparks at Riverbend Park! Or if you are in the mood for the best camping trip of your life, head over to Midway Park! Midway park is an absolute paradise for people of all ages who enjoy spending time in nature. It is host to a well-equip camping ground, a beautiful lake with plenty of prime fishing spots, and even a children’s recreational area with exciting play equipment.

Perhaps one of the best parts about this amazing town is the Waco Mammoth Site, perfect for history buffs and budding archaeologists! This site is world-famous and is home to the fossils of twenty-four Colombian Mammoths! This is sure to be a fun, educational, and memorable experience for the whole family! Don’t miss out on this incredible site that is a sure-fire hit among all ages!

When you’re ready for a bite to eat, head down to Magnolia Market; This charming area is full of well-maintained gardens and plenty of food trucks serving up some delightful cuisines that you can only find in Waco, Texas! While you’re there, be sure to stop in one of the family-run shops in Magnolia Market and pick up some souvenirs for yourselves, and loved ones back home!


Amarillo has the “Grand Canyon of Texas’ – the Palo Duro Canyon featuring massive cliffs and 60ft. ravines. The city is blessed with an array of beautiful landscapes, and the walls are filled with tasteful and artistic graffiti from the visitors. It offers an eccentric and fun experience and makes for one of the best vacation spots in Texas. Stop by the Cadillac Ranch with ten massive Cadillacs buried nose-first in the ground featuring public art installation and sculptures.


When you and your family go on vacation together it is a great opportunity to bond away from home. However, planning vacations are stressful as you have to put into consideration the interests of the entire family. This is what makes Texas such a good family destination. There is always something for all members of the family no matter their age. The large size of the state contributes to making a trip to Texas, especially to Lubbock good for families. Here are the reasons why Texas is a great destination for the entire family.

Catering to all members of the family makes Lubbock good for families. For most children a good vacation means playing in the water, this is something you will find in Texas. Lubbock is home to the Dunbar Historical Lake where you and members of your family can enjoy swimming. For thrill-seekers paddle boarding is available. Vacationers can rent a paddleboard for 1 or 2 hours, and enjoy gliding across the lake. The lake is also a great place to fish so members of your family who love fishing will also enjoy themselves.

Texan food especially the barbeque is one of the highlights of a family trip to the Lone Star State. Texan food especially the barbeque is one of the highlights of a family trip to the Lone Star State. The meat is cooked by smoking at low temperatures for hours, and sometimes the process can take an entire day. consequently, the meat does not taste the same as the grilled meat you make at home. Lubbock as some very good wineries which produce wine that goes very well with the local cuisine.

Prairie Dogs are a very important part of the Lubbock ecosystem. There are 5 species of the prairie dog which is not actually a dog but a burrowing squirrel. They can be seen scurrying, and making burrows in Prairie Dog town. They are very cute furry creatures are bound to entertain both adults and children in the group.

College Station

College Station, Texas is one of the best college towns in America. Texas A&M University, with more than fifty-thousand students, calls College Station home. Typically, you may not think a college town would be the best place for a family vacation. Whether your oldest is checking out Texas A&M University or you are looking for an interesting family get-away, you will be pleasantly surprised. With all the attractions and amenities, College Station is good for families.

There are many parks and lakes to explore in College Station. Wolf Pen Creek Park is a fantastic place to picnic and walk trails. This park has a playground as well as a disc golf course. Research Park, which is on the Texas A&M University campus, is ideal for feeding ducks, watching nature and wading in shallow creeks. Lake Bryan is just a few minutes away from College Station. This lake is filled with fun, outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and camping. If your family is into music, The Hook is a live-music restaurant, which is child-friendly.

Santa’s Wonderland is an exciting experience for the whole family. You can explore different foods, hayrides, and specific events throughout the season. During fall, College Station hosts a 5-acre corn maze, an annual Fall Harvest and Pumpkinpalooza, as well as an annual wiener fest. The wiener fest hosts small canines for dog races, shows, and doggo costume contests. Various annual events are available throughout the year. Red Wasps Film Festival in May. Chilifest in April. There is a Texas Renaissance Festival in October. First Friday musical festival every month.

The Children’s Museum of the Brazos Valley is an excellent attraction for the whole family. Your children can interact with various exhibits, such as a giant piano. Special events are held throughout the year as well. The Century Tree on the college campus is a great place to take pictures for a lasting experience. Several types of museums are available, such as the George Bush Library and the Museum of the American GI.

College Station is good for families to learn and explore together. With so many children-friendly establishments and locations, your little ones will have as much fun as the older children. Even mom and dad can explore on their own for a nightlife rendezvous. This town is more than just an average college town. The culture is extraordinary and will have memories that last a lifetime.

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