Where Can I Meet Jasmine?

So many people want to meet Princess Jasmine and who can blame them? Jasmine is spirited, feisty, strong and loves freedom. If you happen to be a Princess Jasmine fan or know a Princess fan that lives in your house, you may be determined to begin meeting and greeting everything related to Princesses. Most people love Princess Jasmine and want to know everything there is to know about all things Aladdin.

Where can I meet Jasmine? You can meet Jasmine at Walt Disney World and Epcot Center. She even makes a few appearances as a dinner guest in various restaurants. Read on to find out exactly when and where you can meet the famous and much-loved Princess Jasmine.

Where Can I Meet Jasmine? Meet Jasmine At Walt Disney World

Princess Jasmine meets and greets everyone at the Magic Kingdom. Kids of all ages are thrilled to see Princess Jasmine in her complete costume just like in the movie. In fact, some might say she looks so much better in person. Aladdin movie characters intermittently appear to sign autographs and pose for photos at Adventure Land’s Agrabah Bazaar at the Magic Kingdom. Get a Times Guide from the Magic Kingdom on the racks with maps of the park near the entrance. This is where you can find the exact times during your visit. Lines move somewhat slowly due to the individual time Princess Jasmine does give to each guest. Arriving a few minutes earlier than the crowd will be to your advantage. Be ready to line up quickly to lessen your waiting time.

Members of the cast cut off the line for new additions of more Princesses with no extra charge. Here at Agrabah Bazaar, if you want to meet Princess Jasmine without waiting in line too long, another way to do this is to check the app called My Disney Experience for the times when Princess Jasmine makes an appearance. Show up way ahead of time before her schedule to avoid getting lost in the crowd. When it comes to the question when and where can I meet Jasmine, Walt Disney World is truly the place to be.

Where Can I Meet Jasmine? Meet Jasmine At Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion

Often, you will find Aladdin and Princess Jasmine posing for photos in the World Showcase’s Morocco Pavilion. You will find them just by the Marrakesh Restaurant. You will want to check the app My Disney Experience when they are available for meeting and greeting. Get there early before the time scheduled so you won’t have to wait in an extremely long line just to meet Princess Jasmine.

Where Can I Meet Jasmine? Meet Jasmine At Epcot’s Akershus Royal Banquet

Where can I meet Jasmine? Meeting Jasmine is easier than you might think. In fact, you can reserve a seat for yourself and your loved ones at the storybook dining Akershus Royal Banquet at Epcot where you can meet Princess Jasmine and other princesses. This is one of the very favorite buffets and is a great alternative to spending money on the Royal Table of Cinderella. In the World Showcase, you will find the Akershus Royal Banquet int he Norway Pavilion. Of course, no one is sure which princess is about to come out but more often then not, Princess Jasmine does make an appearance. At this restaurant, you can make reservations for breakfast even before the opening of the park.

Where Can I Meet Jasmine? Meet Jasmine At Cinderella’s Royal Table

Often, Princess Jasmine is one of the features princesses at the Royal Table of Cinderella. This is a restaurant that you can find inside the castle of Cinderella. In fact, for small and big princesses alike, this is a perfect Princess Stop. You will love meeting and greeting Jasmine the Princess in her green lovely dress. You will also need to stop when you see a photo pass photographer and take a photograph alongside Cinderella.

You will then be brought up the stairs after getting a photo op with Cinderella. Upstairs you will meet all the different princesses and enjoy a meal. With the dining plan, this costs you two dining credits. Take part in a ceremony of fun-wishing. Kids get either a wand or a sword. Different princesses include the lovely Princess Jasmine start visiting the dining table. You need to have your camera ready since there won’t be outside photographers. You won’t meet the same princesses all the time but you may just catch Princess Jasmine if this is your lucky night.

Where Can I Meet Jasmine? Meet Jasmine At The Magic Carpet Ride

Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride in the Magic Kingdom features all the characters of Aladdin, including Princess Jasmine. Located in Adventure Land, the Magic Carpet ride is not unlike the ride of Dumbo. You ride a carpet taking you round and round. As you ride, you can even lower and raise the carpet. Little kids and big kids alike love this ride. In fact, for many families with small children, this is a must-ride. If this sounds like you, it might be a good idea to grab a Fast Pass ahead of everyone else.

Magic Carpet Ride is most people’s favorite scene in the movie because it was when Jasmine and Aladdin clearly fell in love. The hit song sang by Jasmine’s singing voice Leah Salonga called A Whole New World went viral and it was during this moment on the Magic Carpet ride that it was clear that Aladdin and Jasmine were truly meant for each other, as the chemistry was palpable.

What Makes Princess Jasmine So Lovable?

Princess Jasmine appears in the 31st animated Aladdin film from Walt Disney Pictures. People love her so much for her strong spirit. She is the spirited Agrabah Princess and was tired of being confined in the palace. She refuses to bend to the age-old laws that state she needs to marry only a real prince. instead, she wants to marry someone she loves. Jasmine is a strong heroine Unlike all the other princesses by Disney, Jasmine introduces racial diversity to the genre of Disney princesses. She did not want to be pressured into marriage and was charmed by Aladdin, who was not a prince.

On the official website of Disney, it reveals that Jasmine is a fiery, independent and beautiful princess with the capability of taking care of herself. She longs to live life out of the palace. Her character was developed into a mature, strong person and well-defined right from the start. She was also graceful and beautiful. She was liberated and born before her time. She wanted to live her own life and was kindhearted as well. She was smart for her age at fifteen years old and was not passive at all. Compared to other Disney princesses, Jasmine is seen as less naive than Ariel but feistier than Belle.

What Is Princess Jasmine Character Based On?

Princess Jasmine is based on a character from the folktale One Thousand And One Nights. The original character is Princess Badroulbadour from Aladdin and the Magical Lamp. Her character was based in the One Thousand And One Nights folk tale collection from the Middle East. The story Aladdin and the Magical Lamp, to be specific. In this original tale, the princess’ name was Badroulbadour. Later, the studio renamed the character after Jasmine Guy, an actress. Also, the name was among the most popular of the decade.

These days, Jasmine is revered as a princess and an icon. She was included in the list of the Ten Best Disney Princesses of All Time by Teen Vogue. What people love about her is that she and Aladdin take turns rescuing each other. Her eyes and hair are also considered gorgeous and cool. Some have even praised her for being able to pull off a heavy necklace and jeweled headband without being overwhelmed by all the accessories. It takes a certain personality to pull this off! The song A Whole New World reflects the real chemistry between Jasmine and Aladdin. Soaring over the palace rooftops on the magic carpet in Agrabah is when so many people fall in love with Jasmine, just as Aladdin did.

What Is The Story Of Princess Jasmine’s Background?

Jasmine is the daughter of the Agrabah Sultan and his late spouse. She resides in the lavish palace of the kingdom with her father and Rajah, her loyal pet tiger. She believes that Rajah is a spiritual gift to her from her mom who would tell her stories about a certain Rajah star tiger. Later, in the book Agrabah Tales, it was revealed that when Jasmine missed her mom, she would go stargazing for a long time as she sat on her balcony.

Since she was a princess, she could not leave the walls of the palace. She spent her time sheltered within the royal home’s confines. Often, she felt limited by her kingdom’s laws which restricted socializing with people who were not the same rank as her. She was also constantly having to meet suitors for the possibility of an arranged marriage. Ultimately, the situation prevented her from connecting to anyone. Aside from Rajah, she didn’t have any friends. She wanted to see the world outside of the life of a sheltered royal. Later, this resulted in her meeting Aladdin and the rest, as they say, is history.

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