Where Can I Meet Woody (Toy Story)?

Get those batteries charged and round up the gang! Say howdy to Sheriff Woody as you shake the ankles out of your boots. Remember to give your best SpaceRanger salute to Buzz Lightyear and yodel as you say hi to Cowgirl Jessie. These favorite pals share some great adventures and are all looking forward to making great memories with your entire family!

Where Can I Meet Woody Disney World (Toy Story)? There are a few places you can meet and greet Woody from Toy Story. Head over to Hollywood Studios by Disney or to the Magic Kingdom if you love Woody from Toy Story. You can meet the entire gang including Buzz Lightyear, aside from Woody at these places.

All the Toy Story toys love Woody and Who can blame them? Woody is the perfect cowboy- brave, kind and smart. He is more than just a plaything. He is everyone’s friend. Enjoy the Toy Story trilogy by Disney-Pixar. Here you will find ideas for souvenirs you can take home, dining and interactive rides that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Add these to the top picks of Toy Story next time you take a trip to Disney World.

Meet Woody At Toy Story Land

Also called Toy Story Play-land, Toy Story Land is a themed Walt Disney Studios Park at Disney Land Florida, the Hollywood Studios, Shanghai Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland. This is a Toy-Story based area based on the film by Disney-Pixar. Woody Disney World is a popular figure among the smaller and the bigger kids because he was also Andy’s favorite toy.

When you come to Toy Story Land, you can meet and greet Andy with all the right kinds of etiquette for meeting your very favorite Disney Character. As a matter of fact, many kids love shaking Woody’s hand and may not even try to look for other characters as they have already greeted their favorite one. Woody is not hard to spot with his cowboy hat and nice, friendly gear. He always has a smile on his face and is more than ready to meet and greet all his wonderful fans that gather around.

Toy Story Land was announced to include Slinky Dog, Little Green Aliens, and The Claw. It is the largest land in any of the parks of Disney in terms of size. Woody’s RoundUp is the Toy Story Land version of Shanghai. Riders are whipped around an outer space toy play-set driven in a vehicle by the little green aliens of Buzz. SlinkyDogDash is a roller coaster, family-friendly ride that sends you flying through the backyard of Andy inside a Slinky giant dog. Featured by the ride are the animatronic Wheezy and two launches. Toy Story Mania is a dark shooting ride where each rider attempts to score point after point by using various objects to hit targets inside a play-set themed like a carnival. The entrance of the attraction was located originally in Pixar Place but was transferred with a new entrance to Toy Story Land on opening day.

Woody And The Toy Story Characters At Hollywood Studios And Magic Kingdom

In Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom, you will find all the Toy Story characters from the movie. You will be able to spot Buzz Lightyear, for example, at the famous space ranger daily in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrow-land. Jessie and Woody both give out autographs when you visit Magic Kingdom’s Frontier-land. Get their autographs and greet them every day at the same spot at the Magic Kingdom’s Frontier-land. You can also find Woody outside Disney’s Hollywood Studios’s Toy Story Mania. He will be with the entire gang including Buzz Lightyear. When meeting the characters of Toy Story in person, including Woody, just say “hi,” get an autograph and snap a photo. During the autograph session, don’t forget that the characters of Toy Story tend to be larger than life. It is easy to understand why more and more kids prefer meeting Woody. Not only was he the favorite doll of Andy, Woody is also almost everyone’ s favorite character because he is kind, charming and a very friendly person. This appeals to kids of all ages.

Find Woody In Toy Story Mania

Take a ride on the hottest Disney World attraction where you will find Woody Disney World aside from all the other friends from Toy Story. This attraction is filled with Hollywood Studio fun. You can witness Disney at its best with Toy Story Mani which includes innovative design, top quality setting, tons of interaction and play and fully-packed with total enjoyment for the entire family. Keep in mind though, that as one of the most popular offerings of Disney, Toy Story Mania usually has an extremely long line. In other words, if you don’t arrive early enough, you may not be able to get on. If you are willing to wait in line, make sure you have a few activities to help keep you from being bored while waiting. The best way to witness Woody on Toy Story Mania is to go to the park the moment it opens and get a fast pass to be able to get on Toy Story Mania.

Toy Story Mania is a favorite attraction in 4-D. There are virtual carnival-like games played by passengers to rack up points on large screens. The popular attraction was expanded by Disney by adding extra tracks and shifting the entrance to the other side. Woody’s Lunch Box is a giant lunch box made of metal. A Woody Disney World Thermos is matching to the box holding the box lid open. Included in the menu are classic cafeteria food including tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, and Pop-Tarts. Contemporary embellishments for foodies are also added in. Not as grand is Cars or Harry Potter, Toy Story Land is geared towards smaller kids and entire families. On the ground, you will see the sneaker prints that Andy made. As you can probably see, no detail was spared in creating Toy Story Land. Thus, you better get your cellphone charged and selfie-ready. To skip all the lines, make sure you get yourself your very own fast pass to move ahead of everyone else.

Hong Kong Disneyland

You will see a giant Woody Disney World and an oversize plane made of paper in Hong Kong Disneyland. The land is found on Hong Kong Disneyland’s west side behind Fantasy Land. Slinky Dog Dash is a launched roller coaster also at Hong Kong Disneyland that does not use the traditional hill chain lift. It is a ride that does not exactly cause fear but does get your pulse racing moderately. There is a brief airtime pop and a feeling of stomach butterflies as the coaster jumps over the hill and starts twisting around the tower of Jenga. Midway through the ride, you will feel the coaster gliding and stopping for a minute until another acceleration launch brings you upwards once more. Passengers lean into the loading station and see which toys are involved in the ride. Power boosters bring you through the rest of the ride where you get a few humps and then it is back to the finish line. You will here You Have A Friend In Me crooned by a penguin, which is a completely cute factor. Slinky Dog is a thrill machine for kids. The ride is not overwhelming but it isn’t boring either. Plus, the slinky dog itself looks so cute, it is truly going to be hard to resist riding this one first!

Refreshments And Restaurants at Woody’s Rodeo Roundup BBQ

Woody’s Rodeo Roundup BBQ- a table-service restaurant themed like Toy Story will be built on site. Another counter-service restaurant called Woody’s Lunch Box looks like a lunch box old-fashioned and pushed up against a Woody’s Roundup picture book. This is a Toy Story 2 fictional television show. Kids and adults alike will love the Toy Story themed food and refreshment stands and will not be able to get enough of the delicious servings all featuring their very favorite characters from Pixar. Nonetheless, after getting your fill of good times in Andy’s Backyard you will most definitely want some refreshments. These very Instagrammable refreshments are as good as they look. The only problem may be in the fact that they look too good to eat.

What’s In Andy’s Backyard?

You will find all the Toy Story Toys right here in Andy’s Backyard. One of the most popular Walt Disney World rides in Toy Story Mania. You and the entire family can get more of Woody, Buzz and the entire gang in the newest eleven-acre Hollywood Studio Toy Story Land by Disney. Based on the films by Pixar, the land and characters look exactly like the backyard of Andy that everyone is familiar with from the movie. Guests feel like they had shrunk down to the sizes of green army men with scattered toys everywhere in the backyard. People love bringing their families to the backyard of Andy. Immersive details are truly fun and exciting.

It takes generation after generation to love and get to know all the toys, and finally, Andy’s Backyard brings everyone together. In Andy’s Backyard, the Jenga Tower and Rex together are as tall as seven-and-a-half Army Green Men that stand on each other’s shoulders. The Slinky Dog track Dash weight and columns for supporting it weigh about as much as one hundred twenty-five thousand milk gallons. You will need a school-bus-sized backpack to be able to carry all the Woody and Buzz figures towering over Toy Story Land. Just to travel the length of one of the shoe prints of Andy, it would take twelve steps from the Army Green Man. The footprint of Andy is about twenty-five feet in length in Toy Story Land. This is equivalent to a shoe sized 240. In the backyard of Andy, there are more than four-hundred toy blocks.

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