Which Disney Rides Have Rider Switch?

Every few years, Disney implements a new way to make those long lines a bit more bearable. Rider Switch is another way that Disney lets their park-goers cut down on the waiting time, and there are more than enough rides that use Rider Switch to make sure you stay busy for the day.

Which Disney rides have Rider Switch? You have over 13 attractions to choose from when using Rider Switch. This means that there is always something nearby in the park for you to Ride Switch, no matter what part of the park you find yourself in next.

Below, we will list off the rides that you can go on with your Rider Switch, as well as give you a general idea of how it works.

Rider Switch Attractions

As we said in the above point, you have 13 separate attractions that you can visit using your Rider Switch. These are spread out comfortably across the park, enough for you to increase the chances of you getting on a ride early, but not enough for you to frequently abuse it.

Magic Kingdoms Park Rider’s Switch

The bulk of the attractions for your Rider Switch will be here. This section of the park houses seven different rides for your pass alone. Here is where you’ll visit Stitch and Snow White, before leaving our orbit in Space Mountain.

The rides you have to select from are:

  • The Barnstormer: This ride is suited more towards preschoolers, where they will take flight with Goofy in an airplane-style rollercoaster.
  • Big Thunder Railroad: This attraction is a trip through a haunted gold-mine on board a speeding train. It’s a ride that is suitable for all ages.
  • Seven Dwarves Mine Train: Fans of Snow White will enjoy being able to travel through the workspace of Disney’s most beloved seven dwarves, and it is open for all ages.
  • Splash Mountain: This ride takes the cake when it comes to the biggest drop in the section of the park. It features many classic characters from Disney and stands as one of the more infamous rides in the park.
  • Space Mountain: Guests will be able to blast out of orbit in this attraction. While it remains open for all age groups, parent are asked to take caution and watch their children when on the ride.
  • Stitch’s Great Escape: Everyone’s favorite alien has his own ride in this section of the park. It’s another attraction that is open for all ages, but as of the time of writing, it is currently closed down.
  • Tomorrowland Indy Speedway: The Speedway is a more recent attraction, with the cars being placed on rails and progressing with a set speed. You won’t be able to control your car, but you will be able to bring the whole family on board.

Epcot Rider’s Switch

You won’t have as many attractions to choose from here as you would in the Magical Kingdom, but the rides that do offer Rider Switch are typically hot attractions that see a crowd of people.

This Disney World park has the smallest number of options with Rider Switch, making it the smallest section in the park for Rider Switch. Although it’s probably that this will increase with the new Guardians ride coming soon.

  • Frozen Ever After: Frozen fans will enjoy being able to tour through the lands of Arendelle in an old nordic ship. This is an attraction that is suited for all ages, but you can be sure to see many children waiting in line with you.
  • Mission: Space: If you’re a fan of NASA, then you may want to stop by this attraction if you find yourself in Epcot. This ride is NASA simulated, and you just may feel as if you’re leaving the planet.
  • Soarin’: If you feel like staying a bit more close to home, then you may be interested in ride that gives you an eagle-eye view of some of the most interesting structures found on Earth.
  • Test Track: The Speedway Track in the Magical Kingdom might not have itched that particular scratch for speed. Here, you’ll be able to not only design your own concept car, but you will be able to take it out for a test spin afterward.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Rider’s Switch

You will get a healthy dose of media here, meaning you won’t stray very far from classic tv shows throughout the ages. Some of these attractions are from shows that Disney has had a hand in, but not as publicly pushed as their more family-oriented content.

Simply put, if you’re an adult, this section of the park features some attractions geared a bit more towards you.

  • Aliens Swirling Saucers: The little aliens from Toy-Story have their own ride, and it takes you through another intergalactic tour, with a considerable amount of green guest to accompany you.
  • Rock N Roll Rollercoaster Featuring Aerosmith: Classic rock has found its way into Disney. This ride allows the guest to travel through a simulated Los Angeles in their very own stretch limo while jamming out to Aerosmith along the way.
  • Slinky Dog Dash: This is one of the last kid-oriented rides featured in this section for Riders Switch. You’ll be able to ride on the back of Slinky Dog as you and your family make your way through Andy’s backyard
  • Star Tours- The Adventure Continues: Disney certainly wouldn’t leave any of their Star Wars fans disappointed. You’ll experience hyperspace while traveling through iconic landmarks in the galaxy.
  • Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror: There’s a very high chance that you will hear the iconic theme long before you see the tower. Here, you’ll be rocketed up and down the tower, visiting the twilight zone the entire time.

Disneys Animal Kingdom Park Rider’s Switch

This iconic section has no shortage of Ride Switch attractions, and you’ll constantly be pulled to and from legendary universes from Disney.

  • Avatar Flight of Passage: You can expect this attraction to expand as James Cameron’s cinematic universe does. Until then, you have the option of taking a ride on the back of a Banshee, and get an up-close tour of the planet Pandora.
  • DINOSAUR: Any aspiring Paleontologists should be sure to check out this attraction. Here, you will be taken back in time to help a dinosaur survive a meteor impact.
  • Expedition Everest- Legend Of The Forbidden Mountain: You will get a little too close for home with the Yeti on this ride as you try and avoid his grasp while barreling through the mountain.
  • Kali River Rapids: A change of clothes after this ride would be wise. Here, you’ll go through the rapid rivers that take you across Asia.
  • Primeval Whirl: With this attraction, everyone gets the chance to be a time traveler. You’ll constantly be spinning in every direction for the duration of the dinosaur-themed ride.

What Is Rider Switch?

Rider Switch is an option that is put in place to help all park-goers get the most out of their Disney experience. You or your party may not be able to get on a ride due to height requirements, or for health reasons. This allows a park-goer to stand in line with someone who isn’t able to attend, when the rest of the party that enjoyed the attraction returns, the one waited to go on is able to do so without having to wait in the normal line.

How Do You Use Rider Switch?

Using the Rider Switch is as simple as checking in with any Cast Member at the attraction and informing them of their intended use. Those who are not able to ride will receive a Ride Switch entitlement, which will be redeemed once the party comes back.

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