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Princess Belle is a beauty with brains. We all laughed, cried, hoped and read books with her while growing up. Her warmth and kindness brought out the humanity in the beast, and through her character, we learned the importance of a good story and how it can change the way we perceive the world around us. It’s only fitting that Belle should be the one to enthrall and mesmerize the visitors with enchanted tales of faraway lands and princes. Come, listen to a tale as old as time with Belle, while the charming and impressive animatronic interpretation of quirky characters such as Lumiere and Madame Wardrobe entertain you and put a smile on your face. In this article, we will review the enchanted tales with Belle in detail. Here is a quick story about this Belle meet and greet Disney world attraction.

The experience of enchanted tales with Belle is wholesome and immersive. You are transported to the beast’s castle via a magic mirror, much like the one in the movie itself. This is very enjoyable for younger kids, who are the target audience of this attraction. The talking furniture and impressive animatronics get your attention and keep you hooked. For someone who has an affinity for the movie, it is a truly memorable experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Our Review of Enchanted Tales with Belle

You’ll thoroughly enjoy the enchanted tales with Belle if you are a huge Disney buff like me. The experience starts with a magical incantation that we get to recite, which then opens up a portal to the beast’s castle. Guests walk through the open the door to the castle where the jovial and cheerful Madam Wardrobe greets everyone. It sets the stage for the remarkable playacting, and supporting characters are chosen from the audience themselves, which adds an element of excitement and enthusiasm. The amazing animatronics make the kids believe that their beloved characters have come to life, while the adults are blown away by the ambitious artistry and technology.

Once the guests are summoned to the library by Lumiere – another beloved beauty and the beast character, Belle finally makes an entrance. Let’s talk about the realistic and astounding animatronic Lumiere. The realness of his character is dumbfounding and stirring. The flame lit face is filled with articulacy and eloquence. The agile arms move with dexterity, and it captures the huge and buoyant personality of his character.

There are several interactions between the characters of the story and the audience, which is exciting and also makes each story a different and more personalized experience. The creators kept the variability of these interactions and how it affects the story in mind, as everything moves in flow even though the volunteers are changing in every setup. Do not be disappointed if you aren’t chosen to be a part of the play, as everyone who attends the enchanted tales with belle gets to take a small gift with them along with a meet and greet with the princess.

All in all, I’d say that the enchanted tales with belle allows you to be in the story and be a part of the journey with your favorite characters, both real and animated ones. I also admire the level of audience participation allowed in this attraction and how it still carries off the story well while keeping the audience of all ages engaged and entertained.

How long is Enchanted Tales with Belle?

The whole attraction is of 25 minutes duration. You can skip the line for enchanted tales with Belle by booking in advance with FastPass+. It is suitable for Toddlers (Ages 3 to 5), Children and Adults. The shows start from 9 am onwards and the best time to visit the enchanted tales of Belle is during the first 2 hours or the last 2 hours of the park times as this is the time with less crowd and thus, less waiting time.

Even if you have to wait a bit for the attraction, you won’t be disappointed, as the queue is quite enchanting itself with wardrobe, cottage and workshop display. You’ll see Maurice’s creative workshop amidst tasteful scenery filled with flowers and plants, a magical wishing well and footbridges that are all great spots for taking pictures!

Where is Storytime with Belle in the Magic Kingdom?

The Enchanted Tales with Belle is located in the Fantasyland area of the Magic Kingdom. The location of the attraction is ideal for getting a full Beauty and the Beast experience. You’ll find the Be Our Guest Restaurant and Gaston’s Tavern in the same area. You might even spot Gaston strolling around the tavern, praising himself and kissing his biceps.

Tips for Enjoying the Enchanted Tales with Belle Ride

Your kids will like you for taking them to the enchanted tales with Belle attraction, but they will love you forever if they are chosen to be the volunteers in the story. You can encourage them to do so, and they might get picked! It is also a chance for them to have an elaborate meet and greet with Princess Belle.

Non-flash photography is acceptable throughout the enchanted tales with Belle experience. You can get many wonderful and memorable pictures with the cast and the brilliant set up of the play. As it is a very famous attraction, the lines can sometimes be dauntingly long! Make sure to use your FastPass to save valuable time, especially if you have young children along with you.

One fun way to enhance your experience is to watch Beauty and the Beast before you visit the attraction. This will give you a new appreciation and admiration for the details and intricacies of the whole set up and the animatronic characters who are so close to reality! A lot of work has gone into bringing this attraction to you, with over five years of hard work to get all the details right, so take out some time to notice everything about the enchanted tales with Belle.

Where Else to Meet Belle in Disney World

Belle is a beloved Disney character. Besides the enchanted tales with Belle, there are many other chances to spot and meet the bright and beautiful princess at Disneyworld. Belle is the main character in the FantasyLand area of the Magic Kingdom. You can see her at Be Our Guest Restaurant and near Gaston’s Tavern, both of which are located near the enchanted tales with Belle attraction.

You can also meet Belle at Epcot’s France Pavilion where you can charm her with your French. You may also find her at the Princess Storybook Dining located at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in the Norway Pavilion of Epcot. If you wish to see Belle perform on stage, you can catch a live musical of Beauty and the Beast at Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood Studios. The play is 25 minutes in duration and has much-beloved beauty and the beasts characters performing live on stage. 

Our Favorite Character Meet & Greets at Disney

One of the many charms of Disneyworld is the beautiful characters that you spot on various locations throughout the parks. The cast members are so in character at all times that you can’t help but believe them to be real. The interactions are quite fun and memorable, and you must always keep your cameras ready for a picturesque moment with them.

Besides Princess Belle, our most favorite character meet and greet to be the one featuring the original sensational six of Disney. You can catch Mickey and the gang at Future World in Epcot. Character dining is also a smart way to meet your favorite characters. Cinderella’s Royal Table at Magic Kingdom (Cinderella, Jasmine, Aurora, Ariel and Snow White), Trattoria al Forno at Disney’s Boardwalk (Ariel, Prince Eric, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider) and The Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom (Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger) are some of the top character dining experiences at Disneyworld. You can also watch your favorite characters perform live in musicals and shows that take place around the year at Disneyworld.

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