Finding Disney Princesses – Where Can I Meet Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) at Disney World?

You can find Aurora in either the Magic Kingdom or the Epcot Centre. Aurora appears daily in the France Pavilion in Epcot Center and is one of the princesses available to meet at the Magic Kingdom in the Princess Fairytale Hall. She can also be seen in the parade at the Magic Kingdom.

The Disney princesses are heroes for many little girls, and if your daughter is anything like mine she probably has her heart set on one in particular. They love to dress up as their idols, endlessly watching the film or coloring in pictures of the main characters. A visit to Disney World becomes even more magical if they have the chance to meet their favorite princess in real life.

Where is Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) in Epcot?

Aurora is at The Meet-and-Greet in the France Pavilion at the Epcot Center the entire area is devoted to Aurora so you will be guaranteed to see her.

She will spend a few minutes with each guest, chatting, posing for photos and signing autographs. You will need to check the schedule for exact times but she usually appears hourly, giving you plenty of opportunities to plan your day around making your little one’s dreams come true.

There are often many people wanting to share the experience, so you may need to arrive early to join the queue. Remember, staff sometimes close the line to allow the character to take a break so if you arrive late, you may miss out. You could aim to meet Aurora at the beginning of the day or later in the evening if you would like to cut down on the queues.

Where is Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) in the Magic Kingdom

Aurora is at the Princess Fairytale Hall in the Magic Kingdom.

Disney regularly changes which princess is available to meet at the Princess Fairytale Hall in the Magic Kingdom, so you will need to check on the Disney app or on the schedule to see if she will appear and find a list of times.

This experience is eligible for Fast-Pass+ and some guests like to reserve a time slot to avoid having to stand in line. However, you will want to spend time exploring the Fairytale Hall to see the beautiful furniture and decor that takes you away to the land of fairytale magic. Again, there can be long queues so it’s best to arrive early to be sure of meeting her.

Can I Take a Photo with Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)?

Yea it’s totally ok to take a photo with Aurora.

There are lots of ways you can make the experience even more magical. Disney’s dining experiences and photo opportunities such as Memory Maker are available in both Epcot and the Magic Kingdom to add to the memory and help it last even longer.

While you are able to take as many snaps as you like with your own camera or smartphone, Disney has professional photographers and a range of special touches to let you take home a souvenir that will last a lifetime. The Disney Photo-Pass service means that professional photographers are ready at regular meet-and-greet events to take your child’s photo as they meet their hero. The photos are uploaded to the internet along with any other images taken throughout the parks, such as when zooming down the fastest rides. You can link these images to your Disney account to browse at your leisure and choose which ones you want to buy.

Other experiences with Aurora like the parade at the Magic Kingdom are also available, so your child could see their favorite many times over the duration of your stay.

Dining Experiences

The Disney princesses, including Aurora, are available at a number of different dining experiences throughout the parks. Professional photographers are also on hand to take shots that can be added to your Disney account.

1. My Disney Girl’s Perfectly Princess Tea Party (Grand Floridian Resort)

Aurora hosts this princess tea party in the amazing Floridian hotel found in the Magic Kingdom. The party is based around Aurora so is probably the best choice for Sleeping Beauty fans to guarantee they will see their favorite princess.

There are also many gifts and souvenirs given to your child to take away. It is not the cheapest option, so be prepared to pay up to $250 for a child with one adult, but the whole experience is particularly special. Children often wear their own Aurora costumes to the meal and each child is given the chance to spend some time with Aurora.

In addition, every child is given a crown or tiara and some jewelry along with toys like an Aurora Princess doll or a teddy bear to take away. They receive a pack including activities and a certificate announcing they are Aurora’s best friend.

The tea parties take place at 10.30 am, four days a week. There is also entertainment in the form of singing, dancing and a parade of princesses. The food is based on a traditional English tea party, with sandwiches, scones, tea, and cold drinks. The tea party is set in the beautiful Garden View Rooms where flowers abound.

2. Cinderella’s Royal Table Princess Meals (Magic Kingdom)

You can eat breakfast, lunch or dinner here and a number of princesses are always wandering around the tables ready to stop for a chat. Aurora might not be guaranteed for your meal, however, as the princesses vary each time, apart from Cinderella.

Even if you don’t see Aurora, the other princesses can make the meal just as memorable and the hardest part is encouraging your children to eat when all they want to do is look around for a princess!

There are photo opportunities before and after each meal as well as table visits that make it feel as though you are really a guest at the princesses’ banquet. Eating here is included in the Disney Dining Plans. It is a very popular event so you need to book early to be sure of a table, just remember to tell the children they will see lots of princesses instead of promising a particular one.

3. Princess Storybook Dining at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in the Norway Pavilion (Epcot)

Again, three meals a day are served here and three or four princesses visit each table ready to entertain you as you eat. As in the Magic Kingdom, the princesses rotate, so you can’t make a promise that Aurora will definitely be there although she does happen to appear quite often.

All of the princesses are ready to make the children’s day by interacting with them as they eat and posing for photos when the meal is over. Booking ahead is vital to secure a table, as this event fills up very quickly. Eating at the Royal Banquet Hall is a memorable experience for us parents, too. Besides the Disney princesses, the hall itself is a piece of art: based on a historic castle with fantastic chandeliers, decorations, high ceilings, and glamorous archways, it feels truly authentic, as if you’ve stepped back in time!

Is Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) in any Parades at Disney World?

Sleeping Beauty is often a key movie in many of the Disney parades throughout the parks. Aurora is sometimes featured in the Festival of Fantasy Parade at the Magic Kingdom as well as Maleficent.

This parade takes place daily, starting in Frontierland and ending up in Main Street, USA. People start queuing up to thirty minutes before to secure a front-row spot.

Are there any Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) themed Souvenirs?

Aurora themed gifts are also available in the Magic Kingdom to make your little one’s dreams last even longer. Dolls, toys, keyrings, and pens all give you something special to take home so that you can remember this vacation forever. You can even find Aurora costumes in the dress shop where you can try them on for size. Sizes range from children to adult so mom and daughter can match and put on their outfits at home whenever they feel like recreating a Sleeping Beauty princess tea party!

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