5 Best Breakfast With Mickey At Disney World

4 kids with minnie mouse in her chef outfit

Not surprisingly, if you want to meet Mickey in the theme parks, there are often long queues at the character meet and greet.

Here’s an insider tip: One of the best ways to interact with and take photos with the most famous mouse in the world is at a character breakfast with Mickey in Walt Disney World.

So, which character breakfasts at Disney World feature Mickey Mouse? There are several, and today I’m going to tell you the top 5 Disney character dining experiences where Mickey Mouse makes an appearance. 

Join me as I walk you through my 5 favorite spots where you can eat breakfast with Mickey at Walt Disney World.

Chef Mickey

Featuring the Fab 5 – Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, and Goofy – Chef Mickey’s is a hands-down favorite when it comes to character meals at Disney World.

It’s the only place in Disney World where you can meet all of the Fab 5 in one place!

They’re some of the world’s most favorite characters, so that alone makes Chef Mickey’s a clear winner.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about a classic Disney experience at Chef Mickey’s that will delight kids and adults alike.


Chef Mickey is located at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, only about half a mile from the Magic Kingdom. It’s connected by monorail.

However, you need to leave the Disney parks to visit Chef Mickey’s. This can be a good thing for some folks and a not-so-good thing for others.

Frankly, it comes down to how much time you have in Orlando.

If you’re on a short trip, leaving the parks to go to Chef Mickey’s can feel like wasted time. If you’re on a longer Disney vacation, then you’ll welcome the opportunity to try out some of the Walt Disney World Resort restaurants, get away from the crowds for a bit, and try something new.

Plus, you don’t need a park admission ticket to eat at Chef Mickey’s.

Chef Mickey’s Breakfast Hours

7 AM to 12:30 PM.


$42 per adult plus tax and gratuity, $27 per child (ages 3-9) plus tax and gratuity.

Meal Style at Chef Mickeys

  • Chef Mickey’s is an all-you-care-to-enjoy family-style meal with American fare. A cast member will bring family-style platters to your table with your selections (table service).

However, the food is not cooked to order – it’s already cooked and kept in warmers.

  • Chef Mickey’s is usually on the Disney Dining Plan (this is currently unavailable during the COVID-19 pandemic). 
  • Menu items at Chef Mickeys include:
    • Harvest sweet rolls
    • Fresh fried sweet fritter
    • Mini yogurt parfaits
    • Fresh fruits
    • Slow-roasted beef brisket
    • Traditional roast breast
    • Pork sausage links
    • Smoked bacon
    • Chicken sausage
    • Plant-based Mickey waffles
    • Loaded potato cheese casserole
    • Celebration Mickey pancake
    • Banana bread French toast
    • Tofu scramble
    • Family-style desserts, and more.

There’s also a selection of specialty non-alcoholic drinks and magical morning cocktails. 

Characters at Chef Mickeys

As mentioned, you get to see the Fab 5 at Chef Mickey’s in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

4 kids with mickey mouse in her chef outfit

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto mingle with guests, dressed in their chef outfits, dropping by at each table, blowing kisses, dancing, waving, etc. You will have an opportunity to take pictures and get an autograph book signed as well (see the end of the article for pandemic-related changes).


Reservations are highly recommended because Chef Mickey is one of the most popular character dining experiences at Walt Disney World. They serve hundreds of guests every morning, and tables are hard to get without a reservation.

Pros of Chef Mickey’s

  • You get to see all five of the Fab 5 Disney characters in one place, so you can avoid waiting in lines at multiple character meet and greets in the Disney theme parks. 
  • It’s a budget-friendly character meal at Disney World. Prices for lunch and dinner character dining experiences are typically much higher.
  • There are many different dining areas at Chef Mickey’s, some of which have great views of the Contemporary Resort monorail. 
  • It’s a family-friendly atmosphere at Chef Mickey’s that’s decidedly kid-focused, but there is a classic Disney element that appeals to many adults too. 

Cons of Chef Mickey’s

  • Given the puzzle piece decor and color scheme, Chef Mickey’s can feel “dated” with a 1980s feel to it. 
  • The meal can be slightly rushed. Most guests are in and out in about 45 minutes. We had our food, and the characters arrived at our table within 15 minutes of being seated. But if you’re headed to a Disney theme park afterward, this might be a good thing, though. 
  • If you’re a couple or a group of adults traveling without small children, then Chef Mickey wouldn’t be my first pick. You can get better food and views elsewhere in Disney World with a less kiddie atmosphere.  

Garden Grill

This is another character dining experience in Walt Disney World that features Mickey Mouse. It is unique because the restaurant is a slowly rotating one and gives you ever-changing views while you enjoy delicious food and character interactions. 


Garden Grill is located in The Land pavilion at EPCOT. It’s a great option if you are headed to this Disney park.

You need a valid park admission and park reservation for the same day.

Garden Grill Breakfast Hours

8 AM to 10:30 AM.


$42 per adult plus tax and gratuity, $27 per child (ages 3-9) plus tax and gratuity.

Meal Style at Garden Grill

  • Family-style, table service, character dining with American fare. 
  • The menu includes harvest-inspired, farm-to-table foods such as:
    • Salads
    • Fruits
    • Vegetables
    • Scrambled eggs
    • Mickey waffles
    • Turkey breast slices
    • Buttermilk mashed potatoes
    • Grilled beef
    • Chip’s sticky bun bake
    • Berry shortcake
    • Specialty cocktails, and
    • Non-alcoholic drinks

Characters at Garden Grill

Chip ‘n’ Dale and their Disney pals such as Mickey and Pluto make regular appearances at Garden Grill clad in farmers’ overalls. 


Like most restaurants that offer character dining at Disney World, confirmed dining reservations are required at Garden Grill for the total number of guests in your party. 

Pros of Garden Grill

  • A family-style restaurant with table service is easier than a buffet, especially if you have small children in your group.
  • Superb character experience and delicious, hearty food.
  • Early access to EPCOT if you have a reservation before park opening time.
  • You can enjoy a leisurely meal with no rush. The characters spend a lot of time at each table.
  • Changing views of Living with the Land boat ride below.

Cons of Garden Grill

  • The decor at this restaurant is a little out of date. It definitely needs freshening up.
  • Mickey is the headliner at this character meal – the other characters are not as popular.
  • The menu is limited compared to a buffet.

Tusker House

Hosted by Donald Duck and his Disney friends, this character breakfast is one of the most popular themed character meals at Walt Disney World. 


Tusker House is located in Harambe Village in the Africa section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Per official Disney information, you need a valid admission ticket and park reservation for the same day to enjoy a character dining experience at this restaurant.

Tusker House Breakfast Hours

8 AM to 10:30 AM.


$42 per adult plus tax and gratuity, $27 per child (ages 3-9) plus tax and gratuity.

Meal Style at Tusker House

  • Family-style restaurant with African and American fare. 
  • The menu includes:
    • Fresh fruits
    • Pastries
    • Breakfast staples including plant-based options on request
    • Allergy-friendly options
    • Mickey waffles
    • Chicken and egg curry
    • Vegan curry
    • Roasted garlic potato gratin
    • Prime rib
    • Non-alcoholic specialty beverages like Jungle Juice, and
    • Breakfast cocktails

Characters at Tusker House

Mickey, Goofy, Daisy Duck, and Donald Duck make regular appearances in safari gear, so you can get some unique photos.

The Africa section is also where you’ll meet the Lion King characters. See this quick Animal Kingdom character guide for reference.


Advanced reservations are highly recommended. 

Pros of Tusker House

  • The menu offers more than the typical breakfast fare, so it’s a great chance to introduce your palate to some exotic offerings.
  • Tusker House is one of the few places in Walt Disney World where you can interact with Ms. Daisy Duck.
  • You get early access to Animal Kingdom if you have a reservation before park opening.
  • Spacious dining area (great for social distancing).

Cons of Tusker House

  • It can get hectic, and you may have to wait even if you have a reservation.
  • You need park admission tickets and park reservations for the same day for Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Topolino’s Terrace – Flavors of the Riviera

The newest character breakfast at Walt Disney World offers sweeping rooftop views and palate-pleasing French and Italian cuisines.

Did you know topolino means baby mouse in Italian – so the name is a salute to Mickey!


Topolino’s Terrace is located in Disney’s Riviera Resort which is in the EPCOT resort area of Walt Disney World. This hotel is a quick ride from EPCOT on the Disney Skyliner gondola.

Topolino’s Terrace Breakfast Hours

7:30 AM to 12:15 PM.


$42 per adult plus tax and gratuity, $27 per child (ages 3-9) plus tax and gratuity.

Meal Style at Topolino’s Terrace

  • Family-style restaurant with European fare with plated food service. It is a fixed-price menu and includes a selection of breakfast pastries, an entree, and juice or coffee.
  • The sophisticated menu includes:
    • Quiche Lorraine
    • Smoked salmon
    • Wild mushroom scramble
    • Wood-fired butcher’s steak
    • Spiced sausage hash
    • Roasted potatoes
    • Plant-based options
    • Fruit platters

Plus, breakfast cocktails with and without alcohol are available a la carte. I love the POG juice (passion fruit, orange, and guava)!

Characters at Topolino’s Terrace

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy are present, complete in European Riviera style with brand-new outfits that reflect their occupations (Minnie is a poet, Mickey is a painter, Daisy is a ballerina, and Donald is a sculptor). 


Advance dining reservations are highly recommended, although you might be able to snag a table if you walk in last minute. 

Pros of Topolino’s Terrace

  • Wonderfully themed character dining experience with the beautiful ambiance of the French and Italian Riviera.
  • Amazing views from the rooftop location – you can walk out onto the patio, and the restaurant has huge windows.
  • Good choice if you are traveling with a group of adults.
  • Superb interactions with the characters without feeling rushed. 
  • Although it’s a prix fixe menu, they’ll bring you an additional entree on request.

Cons of Topolino’s Terrace

  • There are fewer options at this character breakfast compared to a buffet. 

Hollywood & Vine

The Play n Dine Disney character dining at Hollywood & Vine is one of the best character meals at Disney World. It’s one of the few that offers a buffet-style meal. 


Hollywood & Vine is located in Echo Lake at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World. 

Hollywood & Vine Breakfast Hours

8:30 AM to 10:30 AM.


$42 per adult plus tax and gratuity, $27 per child (ages 3-9) plus tax and gratuity.

Meal Style at Hollywood & Vine

  • Family-style meal with American fare. It’s usually a buffet but has changed to family-style during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure distancing.
  • The menu includes:
    • Pastry basket
    • Pancakes
    • Toasted salmon bagel
    • Four egg cheese omelet
    • Four egg scramble
    • French toast with hazelnut spread
    • Plant-based frittata
    • Potato gnocchi
    • Wheat fried rice, and more.

Allergy-friendly options are available. 

Characters at Hollywood & Vine

Many favorite Disney Junior characters like Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, Vampirina, Fancy Nancy, Jake from the Neverland Pirates, and Roadster Goofy make an appearance at this character breakfast. Mickey makes an appearance at this restaurant but only at lunch and dinner.

Minnie Mouse often hosts special dining experiences like the Summertime Dine and Holiday Dine here. 


Advance reservations are recommended, although you can sometimes get a table if someone cancels at the last minute. 

Pros of Hollywood & Vine

  • A great option if you’re headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
  • Good choice for families with small kids.
  • Changing seasonal decor sets the mood and gets you into the spirit of the holidays or season.
  • Great place to catch the Fab 5 in seasonal holiday outfits, including Goofy in a Santa outfit (lunch and dinner only).

Cons of Hollywood & Vine

  • You need a park admission ticket and park reservation for Disney’s Hollywood Studios for every member of your group for the same day to enjoy a character breakfast at this restaurant. 
  • Mickey and pals do not make an appearance at breakfast and are only present for lunch and dinner. 

Final Thoughts

So, these are my picks for the best breakfast with Mickey at Walt Disney World.

If you’re thinking a Disney World breakfast with Mickey is only for toddlers, think again. I would say breakfast with Mickey is an excellent option for anyone young at heart. The Walt Disney Company has made sure these dining locations offer a large variety of food to appeal to the whole family.

Plus, some of these meals are all-you-can-eat buffet-style meals, so you save money, too. 

Keep in mind that many restaurants in WDW are offering a modified character dining experience until the pandemic is ongoing. It means that characters may not stop at individual tables.

However, they will parade around the restaurant, and you can take selfies from a distance.

You will also receive a signed autograph card at the end of your meal, but you cannot approach the characters individually for an autograph. The Disney Dining Plan is also currently on hold.

Tell me in the comments below your favorite Disney character dining experience. Do you prefer breakfast or lunch/dinner with Mickey and other Disney characters?

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