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Buzz Lightyear has been a beloved Disney character since the release of the first Toy Story movie. I remember begging my parents to meet him on one of my first trips to Disney World, and now my own children are doing the same! If you and your family are planning a trip to this magical theme park, there are many locations where the astronaut action figure can be found “buzzing around”. Make sure you don’t miss your chance for a photo op with this iconic Disney hero that is loved by children and adults alike!

Buzz Lightyear can be found in Disney World at both the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studio Parks. In the Magic Kingdom, Buzz is posted in Tomorrowland near the Star Command Station, which is to the right of Walt Disney’s Carosel of Progress Ride. He can be found in this location for meet and greets, intermittently on a daily basis. A short distance away is Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, a shooting-game where you can help Buzz to defend the galaxy against the Evil Emperor Zurg. In Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Buzz Lightyear can be found in the recently added Toy Story Land. Buzz, along with Woody host daily meet and greets with visitors outside of the Toy Story Mania ride, but be sure to get there early as lines can be long! If you’re still craving more Buzz Lightyear for your next Disney Vacation, check out Disney’s All-Star Resort, which has an entire wing dedicated to Toy Story; It is truly everything a die-hard Toy Story fan could ever desire and more!

We have all the information and tips on where and how to meet Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the gang on your next Walt Disney World vacation, And with the recent addition of Toy Story Land to the Hollywood Studios Park, there is more opportunity than ever before to get your fill of this amazing film and the beloved characters!

Tomorrowland Meet and Greet Location in the Magic Kingdom

Tomorrowland in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park is designed as a futuristic utopia and dedicated to science fiction and mankind’s progress. Where better in the park for an adventurous astronaut to hang out?! Buzz Lightyear can generally be found signing autographs and posing for photos with his adoring fans to the right of Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, near the Star Command Outpost, every day between the hours of 9:00 AM and 7:05 PM.

However, you may have to check back several times throughout the day in order to meet Buzz for yourself, as Buzz takes frequent breaks; After all, his signature space suit was not intended to take on the Florida heat! Luckily, there are plenty of nearby rides and activities to help keep you and your children patient while you anxiously await a meeting with the famed astronaut action figure.

Tomorrowland is home to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, a shooting-gallery style ride where you can become a space cadet and help Buzz defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg in galactic battle! This ride makes you feel like you’ve been sucked into an elaborate arcade game at Pizza Planet! It’s a fun ride for the whole family and is sure to keep you entertained if Buzz is recharging his battery when you stop by for a visit!

Or if you’d prefer to sit back and relax in a climate-controlled environment while you wait, the Carousel of Progress that takes you through America’s past, present, and future is just steps away from Buzz Lightyear’s meet and greet location! There’s also plenty of intergalactic eateries and futuristic food stalls nearby where you can enjoy a bite to eat that is out of this world!

The line to meet Buzz Lightyear outside of his Star Command Headquarters usually moves pretty quickly, but Buzz does make sure to spend plenty of time with each and every one of his admirers; He does, after all, enjoy the attention! Sometimes, his alien friend, Stitch even drops by to steal some of the spotlight! To make certain Buzz will indeed be at his meet and greet location during your visit, and not off defending the galaxy, check your Disney Guide or call ahead of your visit to talk to a member of Disney’s staff about exact times and dates.

Toy Story Land Meet and Greet Location in Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Land opened up in Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in June of 2018 and became a fast favorite among families! It’s no wonder why: This incredible section of the park makes you feel like you are one of Andy’s Toys, exploring his back yard. You’ll find all of your favorite characters from the iconic Toy Story film here, including Buzz Lightyear!

Buzz and Woody and often, some of Andy’s other toys, can be found hanging around outside Toy Story Mania in the Toy Story Land section of Hollywood Studios every day during park hours! However, you can still expect for Buzz to take frequent breaks to recharge. You can also expect a much longer line, and longer wait times at Buzz’s meet and greet location in Toy Story Land, than his location in the Magic Kingdom. Make sure to get there early in the day, or you may find yourself waiting for infinity and beyond to meet these popular characters.

Buzz and Woody both make sure each guest receives ample time with the duo, so rest assured, the wait will be well worth it! While the line to meet Buzz Lightyear here is longer than the one in the Magic Kingdom, if you are hoping to meet both Buzz and Woody, their meet and greet location in Toy Story Land outside of the Toy Story Mania ride is the best place to do it! Not to mention, there are plenty of amazing Toy Story themed structures and items in the area that you can admire while you wait.

Afterwards, make sure you check out this amazing new section of Hollywood Studios! It’s full of rides that are fun for all ages, and you’re sure to meet some of Andy’s other toys throughout the area if you stay a while!

Buzz Lightyear’s Likeness in Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios

While the only place to have a meet and greet with the real Buzz Lightyear in Hollywood Studios is outside of the Toy Story Mania ride in Toy Story Land, there are animations, statues, and more featuring the handsome face of this iconic character all over this section of the park! After all, Buzz is a huge celebrity! Even if you don’t plan to ride the spinning Alien Swirling Saucers, make sure to stop by this ride! Outside of it is a larger-than-life Buzz Lightyear statue!

Toy Story Land is one of the few places in the parks where you have the opportunity to meet all of your favorite characters from Toy Story; Although these characters are all hugely popular, they can be difficult to find out and about in the park! However, when the toys aren’t trying to trick Andy and his mom into believing they’re simply inanimate objects, they can be found hanging out with guests and interacting with one another in Andy’s Backyard, otherwise known to the humans as “Toy Story Land”.

Toy Story Land is absolutely not to be missed by any fan of the Toy Story films. Both children and adults will be impressed with the whimsical details Disney incorporated into this section of Hollywood Studios; And being another creation from Disney, what else would you expect? Here, you’ll find not only Buzz, Woody, and Jesse, but even Bo Peep, Green Army Men, and more of Andy’s Toys!

Toy Story Mania is one of the most popular attractions in this area of the park: This 4D shooting-game, perfect for children and adults of all ages, is set in Andy’s bedroom and filled with beloved characters from the Toy Story movies. You can go for a more thrilling ride with your old pal Slinky on the Slinky Dog Dash; A child-appropriate roller coaster that allows you to ride inside Andy’s very own Slinky Dog! If you get hungry, stop by Woody’s Lunch Box. At this fast-service walk-up restaurant you can get an old fashioned float, American favorites, and Toy Story-themed specials!

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin in the Magic Kingdom

Buzz Lightyear is such an accomplished astronaut and defender of the galaxy that he was able to get his own ride in the Tomorrowland section of Disney World’s Magic Kingdom: That certainly marks the pentacle of success for any space ranger! You and your family can join Buzz in fighting off the Evil Emperor Zurg and his lackeys in this space age shooting-game. Rack up points as you defend the galaxy alongside Buzz Lightyear! You may even be able to reach 999,000; The highest score possible in this exciting ride!

Although you won’t have the opportunity to actually meet the esteemed Buzz Lightyear on this ride- he is far too busy saving the people of Earth from his evil arch rival to sign autographs- but you’ll certainly see a lot of him! You’ll even be able to claim the title of cadet under the command of Buzz Lightyear after assisting him in this epic battle!

Because Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is, in many people’s opinions, one of the best rides in all of Disney World, the wait can be rather long; Usually 30 minutes to one hour. Luckily, there’s an animatronic version of the astronaut in the line area to help keep you and your children entertained while you wait! You can also get a FastPass for Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, which will allow you to jump ahead in line during your specific time slot.

If you and your family are staying in a Disney Resort and have Multi-Day Passes, you will have the opportunity to ride Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin “after hours”, during Disney’s exclusive E-Ride Nights; This is by far the best time to go on this ride as the line is generally non-existent during this time, and you can easily go on it over and over again, attempting to beat your own personal high score!!

Related Questions

Are There Any Disney Resorts Where My Family and I Can See Buzz Lightyear?

If you and your family are looking for the full Toy Story experience on your next trip to Disney World, there is no better place to stay that at Disney’s All-Star Resort, where there is an entire wing dedicated to Toy Story! In the courtyard of this section of the resort you’ll find large statues of not only Buzz Lightyear, but also Woody, Rex, Bo Peep, the Green Army Men and more!

The interior of the rooms at Disney’s All-Star Resort feature the true Disney All-Stars, Micky, Minnie, and Pluto! And the wallpaper border is filled with Buzz, Woody, and many other popular Disney characters that you and your children love! You’re sure to find the images of many more of your favorites peppered all around this magnificent Disney resort.

Where Can I Find Other Toy Story Characters Around Walt Disney World?

If you’re looking for Toy Story characters that you and your children can meet and interact with, Toy Storyland in Disney World’s Hollywood Studios Park is the place to be! Buzz, Woody, Jesse and the Green Army Men all make regular appearances here, and are even sometimes joined by other favorites from the film such as Bo Peep. In this incredible Toy Story-centric section of Hollywood Studios, everywhere you turn you will see familiar images and characters from the Toy Story films.

However, if you are hoping to meet Woody and Jesse on your visit to the Magic Kingdom, make sure to stop by Splash Mountain! The two can usually be found outside this ride for meet and greets with guests. Conveniently, Splash Mountain is not too far of a walk from the area of Tomorrowland where Buzz Lightyear accepts meetings with his adoring public! Make sure to check your Disney Travel Guide for tailored information on where and when to meet specific Disney characters during your visit!

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