Can You Bring Medicine into Disney World?

Bringing medicine to Disney World is a necessity for many people. Some have allergies. Others suffer from ailments like anxiety and depression that require medication. Many other people depend on daily medication to stay healthy. When getting ready for a trip to Disney World, you must make sure you are aware of any rules regarding bringing medication with you.

Can you bring medicine into Disney World? Yes, you can carry medicine during your visit to Disney World. Medicines that include sharp objects, for example – an insulin pen and needle – may need to be explained to a security guard or other park personnel, so they can be approved for you to carry with you.

So, what are the rules regarding bringing medicine to Disney World? In this article, you will learn the rules about bringing medicine to Disney World, other essential items you shouldn’t forget to bring to the park, and items that you cannot bring into the resort at all.

Regulations Regarding Bringing Medicine to Disney World

There are no specific rules for bringing medicine into Disney World. If there were, some visitors with medical conditions would not be able to visit the theme park. You can carry all the medicine or portions you think you will need while at the park. 

However, there are some things to note when bringing medicine into Disney World:

  • Medication that needs needles or other sharp objects to administer attracts scrutiny. Therefore, be honest with the security guard, and you shouldn’t have any issues.
  • Medicine in glass containers isn’t encouraged since they only allow glass baby food jars according to the Disney World Property Rules. However, if your dose has to be carried in glass, explain that to the security guard, and make sure it’s properly labeled.
  • Never pack your medicine aimlessly. Always make sure it’s properly labeled and arranged in an orderly fashion. This organizer kit can help you do that.

Tips for Bringing Medicine to Disney World

To get the most out of your Disney World experience, you have to be comfortable, and your comfort relies on your medical issues being tended to appropriately. This comfort isn’t always easily achieved, especially for the disabled.

Here are tips and tricks you can use when taking medication to Disney World:

  1. Always bring enough medicine for an extra few days. This extra medicine helps if your trip is suddenly extended.
  2. If you think you may need some medication, bring it with you. If you don’t, you might have to buy some within Disney World. The prices of over the counter medicine at Disney are dramatically increased.
  3. If you forget your medication, you can get it at any pharmacy located close to your resort. Even better, if you use a national pharmacy, they can transfer sensitive prescriptions to their location nearest you.
  4. You can carry your medicine with you in a purse or backpack. If you would rather not keep it on you at the park, you can leave it at the First Aid Station. 
  5. If you have medications that have a heat-exposure warning, make sure to accommodate for the heat. 
  6. You can carry a mini-cooler if your medication needs to be stored in cool temperatures. Consider getting this Frio Insulin Cooling Case that can be used for many temperature-sensitive drugs. Check with your doctor to see if it will keep your medicine cool enough first, though. 

Other Essentials You Can Bring to Walt Disney World Resort

When packing for your trip to Disney World, the number of things you need to consider can be overwhelming. While medication is important, there are some essential items that you should pack before you set out for your vacation. Additionally, each day you will want to pack backpacks or purses with essential supplies.

Food and Drink

You are allowed to carry any food and drink with you exceptalcohol. Glass containers aren’t allowed (unless they contain baby food). If you want your drinks cold, know that no coolers that exceed 24″ by 15″ by 18″ are allowed in the resort. So, a portable cooler bag like CleverMade Collapsible can be a lifesaver.

Water Bottles

In the bustle of activities you will experience in Disney World, dehydrating is a danger that must be considered. Even with the available free water in restaurants, you can’t get it in all places without a water bottle. So, make sure you have one with you, so dehydration doesn’t have to worry you!

Bug Repellant

Whether you are a bug magnet or not, carrying a bug repellant is essential. Your medicine isn’t the only thing that can keep you safe. Bugs can carry sicknesses with them and their bites are generally itchy and annoying, so keeping them away from you should be a health priority, as well.


Sun- or heat-sensitive skin should be protected by sunscreen while in Disney World. The sunny days can ruin your skin and your experience. Instead of worrying about your skin while you should be in line for the next ride, slap an effective sunscreen onto your skin, and enjoy your day at Disney!


Sunglasses can be quite helpful, too. Just like you are protecting your skin with sunscreen, you can protect your eyes with sunglasses. Having sunglasses can help you navigate the park by keeping the glare out of your eyes.


Are you wondering how you can keep cool in the intense heat? Fortunately, Disney understands this struggle and allows small portable fans. You can get this handheld fan that is compact and can cool you off, so you don’t miss the fun.

Portable Charger

If you’re planning to take some pictures in Disney World, a portable charger is a must-have. No matter how you capture your moments, one thing is certain: Your phone will use up its battery faster than it does on a typical day. Bring a power bank with you to save the day.

Things That Aren’t Allowed in Disney World

There are many things that you can bring to Disney World, but there are also items that are not allowed on the premises. Some things that you cannot bring to Disney World include:

  • Balloons: They are banned, especially in Animal Kingdom Park, since they endanger animals.
  • Skates: Skates are a safety hazard and a nuisance to the crowds. Wheeled footwear is forbidden, as well.
  • Costumes and masks: These are prohibited since they can frighten other guests and disguise perpetrators. There are some exceptions to this rule, though. Kids below 14 years old can wear costumes. Also, everyone can wear costumes during special events.
  • Aviation crafts: Flying a drone above Disney World is prohibited since it infringes on FAA flight restrictions
  • Selfie sticks: Selfie sticks pose a safety hazard to other visitors. If a user props a selfie stick and it accidentally locks with the moving machines and disrupts their working mechanism, every rider could be in danger. 
  • Pets: It may feel unfair to leave your furry friend behind, but pets aren’t allowed in Disney World — except for pet-exclusive events. They are considered a safety hazard.

When debating on what to pack for Disney World, always consider the essentials first. You want to grab comfortable, cool clothes and shoes, your medicine, and any of the essentials listed in this article that you find you will need. 

While packing, consider this: What brings you the most comfort during trips? The items that answered the question should be included in your luggage. However, considering comfort is not enough. You must also consider your health and pack enough medicine to keep you well for your entire vacation!

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