Can You Duel with Galaxy’s Edge Lightsabers?

You don’t have to be a huge Star Wars fan to recognize the most iconic image to come out of this franchise – the lightsaber. At Walt Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge, fans now have a chance to build their own customized lightsaber, followed by a cool ceremony with resident helpers called the “Gatherers.” But this paid experience at Galaxy’s Edge doesn’t come cheap. So, you’re probably wondering just how durable is the lightsaber. And can you actually duel with Galaxy’s Edge lightsabers?

The short answer is, yes, you can duel with the lightsabers you build at Galaxy’s Edge. They’re pretty sturdy and won’t fall apart with cosplay. But, if you’re into full-contact sparring with protective gear, then you may be in iffier territory.

Continue reading to find out more about Galaxy’s Edge lightsabers – what kinds there are, what they’re made of, and whether can fight with them.

Do you need reservations at Savi’s Workshop to build a lightsaber?

Savi’s Workshop at Galaxy’s Edge is a fascinating place for Star Wars fans with tons of whimsical memorabilia. It’s a place where you can actively participate in building a lightsaber and delve deep into the world of a Jedi.

Not surprisingly, Savi’s Workshop is popular and you do need reservations. On some days, you might get lucky and there may be walk-ins available, but if this is a must-do experience for your family, we highly recommend making a reservation.

Can the whole family enjoy the lightsaber building experience at Galaxy’s Edge?

The space inside Savi’s Workshop is limited and Disney World only allows one guest with each paid lightsaber builder. They’re pretty strict in enforcing this rule, so plan accordingly. However, cast members are understanding. If, for example, your party consists of two adults than three young children, they might allow all three children inside with two paying adults (this is decided on a case-by-case basis).

Keep in mind that the minimum age to participate in the experience is 5 (younger children will find it difficult to see over the table anyway). Kids under 7 must be accompanied by a guest over 14. Personally, we wouldn’t take kids younger than 10. 

How much does it cost to build a lightsaber at Galaxy’s Edge?

The price at the current time for a handbuilt lightsaber at Galaxy’s Edge is $219.99. You pay on arrival (and not while making the reservation). However, if you’re a no-show, Disney will charge $219.99 to the credit card you used to book your spot.

What types of lightsabers are available at Savi’s Workshop in Galaxy’s Edge?

There are four lightsaber themes available to build at Galaxy’s Edge.

The Peace and Justice lightsabers are built from salvaged scraps of crashed starships and Jedi temples and pay homage to the former guardians of the galaxy.

The Elemental Nature lightsabers embody the energy of living things and are made from whale bones, Brylark trees, and Rancor teeth.

The Power and Control lightsabers feature remnants of abandoned temples and the Sith homeworld.

The Protection and Defense lightsabers bear inscriptions and motifs from the ancient wellspring to reconnect users to the Force.

What are Galaxy’s Edge lightsabers made of?

The lightsabers you custom-build at Galaxy’s Edge are made of a combination of metal and plastic. You might be surprised at how heavy a lightsaber is when you pick one up. The lightsaber contains a kyber crystal that powers it up and adds to the experience, which also adds to the saber’s weight.

Can you fight with Galaxy’s Edge lightsabers?

In general, the custom sabers you build at Savi’s Workshop in Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World are pretty sturdy and durable. However, some people have reported that dueling with the lightsabers messed up the LEDs or made the blades come loose.

Keep in mind that unlike regular sabers in which the electronics are all in the hilt, the one’s at Galaxy’s Edge have electronics half in the hilt and half in the blade. So, if you whack it hard enough, some LED lights in the blade may go dark. And a GE lightsaber is up to three times as expensive to replace.

It boils down to just how serious your lightsaber fight is going to be. If you’re talking regular cosplay and choreographed dueling, then the Galaxy’s Edge lightsaber should hold up just fine. However, if you’re talking full-contact fighting with protective gear, then we wouldn’t bet on it.

Are Galaxy’s Edge lightsabers worth it?

To make the $220 feel worth it, you have to look at the whole experience. It’s not just a toy you’re buying in a store. You get to construct a handbuilt lightsaber with whimsical pieces and fascinating memorabilia that appeal to you. As noted, there are four themes. If you’re not sure which one you’d like, ask to take a look in the chest where the options are displayed.

At the start of the experience, you’re given a cloisonne pin to wear over your heart (which makes a nice memento). You then move into a walled off area with your build group. Once inside, the Gatherers come to your table to help you assemble your lightsaber. You’ll select the kyber crystal (blue, green, violet, or red – additional crystals are $49.99 at Ondar’s Den of Antiquities). You’ll then build the hilt according to the theme you’ve chosen. You can customize the sleeve, emitter, pommel cap, and activation plate (you’ll have a choice of parts, but you can’t take extra parts home with you). Finally, you’ll attach the blade into its slot and watch the magic happen when your lightsaber lights up.

Seeing all the sabers light up together in a darkened room is pretty amazing. Last but not least, you’ll get a padded carrying case to take your lightsaber home. The entire experience lasts around half an hour.

In a nutshell, if you’re a Star Wars fan and have always dreamed of owning a lightsaber, Galaxy’s Edge is a great experience, plus you’ll come away with a cosplay-level piece of very high quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Disney ship my lightsaber back to my resort hotel or to my home?

You can have the folks at the Droid Depot ship your lightsaber back to your resort. If you want it shipped home, it costs $18 per saber (international rates will be higher).

Can you take a lightsaber on an airplane?

The TSA allows lightsabers onboard airplanes but you should check with your airline for specific regulations.

How big is the Galaxy’s Edge lightsaber?

The blade of the Galaxy’s Edge lightsaber is around 34 inches and the hilts range from 8 to 10 inches. Keep in mind that the blade in a GE saber does not collapse down like some toys and is one solid piece. You can detach the blade and the hilt, though.

Building a lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop or building a droid at Droid’s Depot – which is better?

Both are great experiences. However, the droid you build at Droid’s Depot is a cute toy. The lightsaber you build at Savi’s Workshop in Galaxy’s Edge is a high-quality display piece, something that serious cosplayers would own.

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