What Disney World Rides Have Single Rider Lines

We all love the Walt Disney World attractions. The lines… not so much.

One of the things the Walt Disney Company has put in place to cut down on waiting times is single rider lines. But not all rides at Disney World have single rider queues. 

Which rides at Disney World have a single rider option? Per my experience and official Disney information, four rides feature a separate line for the single rider:

  • Test Track at Epcot
  • Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run
  • Rock n Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios

Remember that your only choices are the standby lines or paying for a premium service like Disney Genie+ at most attractions. Given that free FastPasses are history, it’s even more important to know how you can save time at Disney World for free.

I’ve got the answers to all your questions, including which attractions at Disney World have single rider lines, how the system works, and the pros and cons of going on rides as a single rider without your friends.

What Are Single Rider Lines At Walt Disney World?

The single rider line is separate from the standby lines. As the name suggests, it allows single riders to skip the queue and fill empty seats in ride vehicles on designated rides as assigned by cast members.

Meaning, when you take the single rider line, you ride with other guests who are not in your group.

Because you know, the worst thing about a Disney vacation, in my opinion, is spending hours in a queue for a few minutes of fun.

Enter… the single rider line.

It’s a fairly straightforward system. For example, each car in Test Track has six seats in two rows. If a family of three and a couple occupy five seats, cast members will ask a single rider to fill the remaining empty seat.

This increases efficiency by running Test Track at full capacity and also offers guests an option to shorten wait times.

While single rider lines are ideal for solo travelers, they are often used by people who don’t mind splitting their group and riding in separate cars. 

If you’re planning to go on a solo trip to Disney, I wrote a safety guide here to help you out.

Do All Rides Have Single Rider Lines?

No, a single rider queue is not available at every Disney World attraction.

Indeed, it is missing at some of the most popular rides. You have no choice but to join the regular line at most attractions.

For instance, there is no attraction in Disney’s Magic Kingdom with a single rider line. 

We can only hope the Walt Disney Company will add this feature to more attractions in the future.

What Attractions Have Single Rider Lines At Walt Disney World? 

The following four attractions at Walt Disney World have a single rider line in addition to the standby line and Lightning Lane. 

1. Expedition Everest At Animal Kingdom

This is a high-speed roller coaster that reaches 50 mph and has a heart-pumping 80-foot drop with Yeti theming.

If you don’t mind riding separately from your party, you can save a lot of time with the single rider line at this Disney World attraction.

2. Aerosmith Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This is a popular Hollywood Studios attraction where you can skip the regular standby line and get on the ride faster with the single rider queue.

However, as this is a very slow-moving line, you may not save a great deal of time here. You can always ask a cast member about the estimated waiting time and then decide for yourself.

3. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This is one ride where the wait time is cut down substantially through the single rider line, which is accessed through two separate stairwells.

However, I would not necessarily suggest you take this option at Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, especially if it is your first time on the ride (more on this later).

4. Test Track At Epcot

While the single rider line is definitely shorter, there are differing opinions on whether it is worth the time saving (see pros and cons below).

To make the most out of this ride at Epcot, I recommend visiting on a Monday or Friday. I find that the crowd is more manageable on these days at Epcot.

What Are The Rules For Single Rider Lines Disney World?

Guests must meet minimum height requirements and be at least 7 years old to use the single riders lines at Disney World.

It is up to parents and adults to decide if a child is old enough to ride alone. 

Pros and Cons of a Single Rider Line 


  • The ride experience is essentially the same. 
  • You can save a lot of time on popular attractions.
  • You might even be able to go on a ride back to back without waiting too long.
  • It’s the perfect option for a solo visit.
  • There may be times that you end up in the same ride vehicle as your group members if you’re lucky (but this is not guaranteed).


  • The majority of times, you will be separated from your group. Half the fun of the attractions is being with your group and laughing and screaming together. For many people, enjoying a ride with strangers is not an issue, but it can take away from the ride experience for others.
  • When you go on a single rider line at Disney World, you should be prepared to miss out on all the theming and interactive elements of the standby line that many rides offer. 
  • On some rides like Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, single riders are less likely to be seated in the pilot’s seat, which many people feel is the best seat in the cockpit. Chances are, you will be in the engineer position if you take the single rider line. 
  • On Test Track, single riders miss out on the chance to design their own car and don’t get to experience the futuristic theming of the regular line.


Are single rider lines always open?

I have never seen the single rider lines close. It is unlikely, but cast members may often close the single rider queue if crowds are thin and wait times are short.

How long is the waiting time in single rider lines at Disney World?

There really is no way to predict the approximate wait time.

But because it is a separate line, it is considerably shorter than the posted wait time at the standby line (120 minutes vs. 15 minutes for a single rider wait time is not unusual).

Sometimes, the wait time is posted at the start of the single rider queue, just like the standby line, but not always, and it may or may not be accurate. The best way to find out is to ask a cast member.

How to find single rider lines?

The single rider line is right next to the regular standby line. The only exception is Expedition Everest, where the single rider queue is to the side, near the gift shop called Serka Zong Bazaar.

If you don’t see the single rider line, just ask a cast member, and they’ll be happy to help.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used the single rider lines at Walt Disney World? How much time did you save? Tell me in the comments below!

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