How to Order Disney Magic Bands?

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MagicBands are funky looking wristbands that are the key to a carefree Disney World vacation. Besides being much-in-demand fashion accessories, these colorful waterproof wristbands are secure devices. They allow you to access all your vacation choices quickly and conveniently. Meaning, you can travel lighter and easier with Disney MagicBands. But how do you order Disney Magic Bands?

You can purchase a MagicBand online at the shopDisney store and at select merchandise and retail locations throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. You can also order MagicBands at special pre-arrival prices through your Disney account.

Keep reading to learn more about how to order Disney MagicBands, when to order them, and whether you need MagicBands at all.

What does a Disney MagicBand do?

A Disney Magic Band resembles a wristband / bracelet / watch. It contains a chip that connects to sensors at touch points in Disney World. This instantly transfers all your Disney vacation information to the touch point. Meaning, all the choices and reservations you made in the My Disney Experience app are now at your fingertips. You can use a MagicBand to:

  • Enter a Disney World theme park or water park (provided you have a valid admission ticket).
  • Unlock and enter your Disney Resort hotel room.
  • Automatically link your PhotoPass pictures to your Disney account.
  • Charge merchandise and food to your Disney Resort hotel room during your stay.

Do I have to buy a MagicBand?

No, Disney MagicBands are not mandatory. You can enter the Disney World theme parks with a card ticket. You can enter your hotel room at a Disney resort with a hotel key card. You can pay with cash or cards for food and merchandise. And you can do PhotoPass without MagicBands as well.

Are MagicBands free?

No, Magic Bands are not free. Any guest who wants to use a MagicBand during their Disney vacation needs to purchase one. Disney used to give free MagicBands to all guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotels, but this is no longer true as of 2021.

How much are Disney MagicBands?

A basic solid color Disney Magic Band starts at $19.99 online at shopDisney, the official Disney merchandise store. MagicBands that feature Disney characters typically retail for $24.99 and up. Limited edition MagicBands can be upwards of $55.

How can I order a MagicBand?

As noted, Disney Resort hotel guests no longer receive complimentary MagicBands. You can order MagicBands up to 10 days in advance of your Disney vacation. There are special pre-arrival prices available for guests staying onsite at a Disney Resort hotel. These special-priced MagicBands can be purchased by visiting “My Magic Bands and Cards” in your Disney account.

MagicBands are shipped to the U.S. and Canada only. Please allow at least 11 days for delivery to your home and 6 days for delivery to your Disney resort hotel in Orlando.

Another place to order Magic Bands is from the shopDisney online store. You can also buy a MagicBand after you arrive in Disney World. MagicBands are available at dozens of retail locations throughout the theme parks and hotels.

How do I link a MagicBand I purchased?

You will need to create a Disney account online. Or sign into your account if you already have one. Once you are logged in, go to “Link Your MagicBand” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Where should I pack my Disney MagicBand?

If you have ordered your Disney MagicBands in advance of your trip, be sure to keep them in your carry-on luggage. You will need the Magic Bands to use Disney’s Magical Express from Orlando International Airport to your Disney Resort hotel. (This service is being discontinued from January 1, 2022). You will also need your MagicBand to unlock and enter your Disney hotel room.

Is my information safe in the MagicBand?

Disney has invested a great deal in technology to ensure any information contained in MagicBands is private and secure. There are tight privacy controls in place. Also, as noted, MagicBands are voluntary and you do not have to use them.

Are Disney MagicBands going away?

MagicBands make Disney vacations easy. You can get everything done with a flick of your wrist. Not to mention they are a merchandising bonanza for Disney.

But Disney is slowly phasing MagicBands out. By not offering Magic Bands to hotel guests and Annual Passholders, Disney has given clear indications that these devices are at the end of their lifespan.

What’s replacing MagicBands? Quite simply… your smartphone. Everything that MagicBands can do your smartphone can do. The MyDisneyExperience app and Disney Genie are changing how guests plan and execute their Disney vacations. Therefore, to make things more streamlined, Disney appears to be phasing out Magic Bands.

Can you order MagicBands separately?

Whether you order Magic Bands online at shopDisney or purchase them at merchandise locations in the theme parks or hotels or Disney Springs, you will receive each Magic Band boxed separately.

Can I use another person’s MagicBand?

No, a Magic Band is unique to each person. After a person has linked a MagicBand to their Disney account, they cannot transfer it to anyone else. Only the original assignee is allowed to access the benefits and reservations associated with the MagicBand. This includes park admission tickets and purchases.

Will Disney know if I use someone else’s MagicBand?

Do not try to use someone else’s MagicBand. If you do this, the cast member will know and you will get caught.

Are MagicBands worth it?

In our opinion, if you’re going to Disney World for just the one day, you can avoid spending $20 per person on a MagicBand. Your card ticket is RFID enabled and will work just fine for all the functions that a Magic Band performs. If you are regular visitors to Disney World, however, Magic Bands may well be worth it.

Now that you know how to order Disney MagicBands… Tell us… did you find using MagicBands convenient? Or do you find they’re not worth the price and simply use card tickets or your smartphone?

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