The Best Disney Boardwalk Restaurants

Disney boardwalk boasts of unique shops, exquisite dining, and amazing nightlife. It’s a short stroll to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot. If you’re looking for something different during your vacation, you can explore the fabulous restaurants, bars, shops, and entertainment areas. Here is a rundown of the best Disney boardwalk restaurants. Read on and learn more!

1. Big River Grille

This is a family-friendly restaurant that serves foods and drinks with an American twist. Once you step inside, you’ll be intrigued by the ambiance that defines luxury dining. Their exquisite menu consists of fresh seafood, American favorites, salads, soups, and entrees. Each dish is visually stunning and mouthwatering than the next. Get into the open kitchen and watch the master chefs prepare the dishes with the freshest ingredients. At dinner, there’s a wide selection of wines and signature cocktails that compliment your cuisine.

Tip: Don’t forget to treat your tooth with an assortment of seasonal desserts.

2. Flying Fish

As the name suggests, Flying Fish Restaurant serves great seafood, prime steaks, and creative appetizers to its customers. The main menu consists of Blue Crab Bisque, Maine Lobster, and Bison Strip Lion. This energetic eatery also offers poultry and beef. There’s also an extensive wine list that suits your taste and preference. Due to its unique location, guests can see the nods to the boardwalk. In terms of décor, you’ll love the beautiful blue ceiling and the glass flying fish represented in the restaurant details. Of course, the whimsical touches of the eatery hammer the home theme.

Being one of Disney’s signature restaurants, the foods come with a higher price tag. But with the Disney Dining Plan, you’ll get an entree, an appetizer, specialty drinks, and alcoholic beverages. Flying Fish is open for dinner from 5 pm to 9.30 pm.

Tip: It’s easy to walk to the restaurant from Epcot or Hollywood Studios.

3. The Garden Groove

The Garden Groove offers American cuisines. It’s a great place to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At the center of the restaurant, there’s a 25-feet oak tree adorned with paper lanterns and twinkling lights. This makes it a true spectacle for diners. Families can feast as they enjoy the bright sunlight from the tall windows. The evening menu features gourmet vegetables, roasted chicken, Prime Rib, Cedar Plank Salmon, and special seafood accompanied by fresh salads. Make sure you leave enough room for desserts.

During the weekends, you can make your omelet. Choose your favorite ingredients like tri-colored pepper, Spanish onions, ripe red tomatoes, Artisan cheddar cheese, Florida berries, etc. You can also try beverages and drinks like cappuccino, cafe late, freshly brewed Starbucks, whole milk, skim milk, apple, and cranberry. No matter what you order, the friendly staff will ensure you get the best.

4. Trattoria al Forno

Trattoria serves unique dishes with Italian flare – from crowd-pleasing classics to regional specialties. They prepare their dishes with fresh ingredients that hail from Rome and Milan. It also features a wide selection of Neapolitan-style pizza and hand-crafted mozzarella. Your meal is accompanied by freshly baked pastries and seasonal fruits. Why not try something magnificent? After eating, you can taste the authentic wine. You’ll also find Italian beers and signature cocktails.

5. Pizza Window

This is a quick-service window located at Disney boardwalk. Order a hot slice of pie and eat at the perfectly set patio. Other tasty options include pizza, sandwiches, Italian salads, and soft drinks. The pizza is sprinkled with your favorite toppings. Pizza Window is open until midnight, so you can eat your pizza as you watch people stroll back to their resorts.

Tip: This is the go-to option if you’re in Disney and you need a quick bite before going to bed.

6. ESPN Club

ESPN offers authentic American Pub cuisines. Kick-off your meal with sea-salted onion rings and mouth-watering ESPN wings. Then, enjoy a crunch burger, bread pudding, and beer-battered fish. All ingredients are incredibly fresh and everything is cooked to perfection. The crispy onion straws are coated with pepper and meaty bacon while the thick-cut fries are packed with potato flavor.

There are also craft beers and specialty cocktails. As you enjoy your meal, watch televised games that feature global satellite feeds. Upon request, the staff can change the channels for you. During the weekends, you’ll feel the adrenaline-filled atmosphere at the stadium. If you show up on the game day, be sure to arrive early because this place fills up very fast. And you never know; you may catch up an interview with your favorite athlete right here in the bar. You can also make weekly lunch reservations from Monday to Fridays (11:00 am through 11:00 pm). On a typical day, the menu consists of burgers, chicken wings, nachos, ribs, clam chowder, and more.

7. AbracadaBar

This is one of the best Disney Boardwalk restaurants. It offers delicious foods and unique cocktails. Step into the curious cocktail lounge and travel back to the golden age. A few years ago, this was the stomping ground for local illusionists and magicians. People would gather here and watch the extraordinary tricks before getting to the bar to enjoy the cocktails. Some of the best-handcrafted cocktails include the Magic Hattan, Pepper’s Ghost, Magic Mirror, Collin’s Double, Elixir, and Parlor Trick. Other drinks include can beer, draft beer, and alcoholic soda. This is arguably more than an adult location.

8. Leaping Horse Libations

This is a whimsical carousel –themed restaurant located at the main pool at the boardwalk. Their exquisite menu consists of Greek salad sandwich, Cheese Ciabatta Pizza, Chicken Bao Bun, Salad with chicken, and pepperoni pizza. Your kids will enjoy Ham and Cheese sandwich. When it comes to snack, this restaurant will meet and exceed your expectations. The main snacks include ice cream, frozen lemonade, mickey pretzel with cheese. After lunch, take your favorite smoothie, raspberry coconut, bottled water, and assorted fountain beverages. You can also try sangria, canned beer, or draft beer. The restaurant features a carousel motif, so it’s easy to spot from a distance.

Tip: This is a great place to spend your time with the family.

9. Belle Vue Lounge

Belle Vue is modeled after the 1930s sitting room. There’s nothing more fulfilling than taking your favorite dish and cocktail in a comfortable veranda or chair. The restaurant serves continental breakfast that consists of the blueberry muffin, croissant, bagels, whole fruits, Greek yogurt, milk, buns, almonds, etc. In the afternoon, you can recharge your body with cranberry-apple juice, coffee, double espresso, cappuccino, orange juice, or hot chocolate milk. If you love alcoholic beverages, you can take blood marry or mimosa. The reason why the Belle Vue Lounge was opened is to fit the 30s and 40s vibe. Keep in mind that continental breakfast starts from 6:00 am to 11:00 am while the lounge hours start from 5 pm to midnight. There’s something special about spending your evening in this restaurant.

10. Shula’s Steak House

Whether you want some early breakfast or late dinner, Shula’s steak house should be your go-to option. For the last couple of years, this restaurant has been delivering high-quality cuisines. All foods are prepared with fresh ingredients upon placing an order. Their signature dish consists of chicken and prime ribs. You can polish up your meal with a lime pie, apple crisp, or a chocolate cake. Without a doubt, your experience in this restaurant will stick with you long after you leave the table.

11. Boardwalk Bakery

This is a counter service restaurant with a bakery. It’s located along the boardwalk and is easy to spot. As the name suggests, most of the foods in the restaurant are baked. They serve fresh bread and delicious sandwiches. You can place your order on everything sandwich. The restaurant also serves a wide range of breakfast pastries like the blueberry muffin, crumb cake, and croissant. When it comes to desserts, this restaurant leaves no stone unturned. The popular desserts include specialty cupcake, key lime tart, mickey tart, and parfait. As for beverages, you can choose hot tea, cocoa, coffee, and fountain drinks.

12. Apple Hills Creamery

Apple Hills gives you and your family to taste tasty ice creams in a comfortable setting. There are dozens of signature ice creams like cotton candy, vanilla bean, dark chocolate, the munchies, etc. They come in different sizes to suit your preference. If you’re not sure which flavor to take, try the mouthwatering samples. No matter what you pick, you’ll love the signature creations and irresistible taste. Bring a bunch of friends and you’ll surely have an incredible time. There are also different drinks to choose from.

13. Boardwalk Joe’s Margaritas

This restaurant offers specialty margaritas made to perfection. Walk in the wild side with roasted nuts, Pina Coladas, and other frozen concoctions. You can also enjoy Captains Morgan’s original rum or a pineapple smoothie. It’s worth mentioning that this restaurant is all about margaritas – there’s no coffee.

Tip: During the happy hour, you’ll find frozen grapefruit and caramel apple margarita.

14. The To-Go Cart

If you happen to be walking down the boardwalk, be sure to catch a snack at The To-Go Cart restaurant. It offers all kind of fried treats like hot dogs, cheese bites, chicken wings, onion rings, and fried mac. Furthermore, you’ll find classic fast foods like a double cheeseburger, pulled pork sandwich, breast nuggets, and chicken wings. For add-ons, you can try melted cheese, chili, or bacon. When it comes to beverages, the To-Go Cart is in its league. You can take apple juice, bottled water, milkshakes, and other assorted beverages.

Final Thoughts

Disney boardwalk is now known as a foodie paradise. The above signature eateries offer all types of cuisines to satiate your taste buds. Whether you’re looking for a brewpub or an upscale restaurant, there’re plenty of grab-and-stroll options. For table service restaurants, you should make your reservations in advance.

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