What Hotels are Pet-Friendly at Disney World

You’ve decided to make the kids’ dreams come true and take them on a fun-filled vacation to Disney World. But can you take your pet to a Disney hotel? Yes. There are currently four hotels in Disney World that accommodate pets.

  • Port Orleans Resort – Riverside
  • Yacht Club Resort
  • The Cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort
  • Art of Animation Resort

How Much Does it Cost to Bring a Pet?

The Disney Yacht Club Resort is the most expensive option at $75 per night, while the other three options all come in at the same price of $50 per night.

How Many Dogs Can We Bring?

Two dogs are allowed per guest room. If you own a pack you might need to take an extended family! Most rooms sleep up to four or five adults so the average family will all be able to stay in one room, pooches included. You will need to make sure the dogs are fully vaccinated as Disney will want to check this before you arrive.

What Amenities are Available for Dogs

All the dog-friendly hotels include:

  • grass areas for toileting
  • specific pet walkways
  • exercise areas
  • each hotel has a section designated to dogs

However, they will not be allowed elsewhere in the hotel or in the restaurants. If pup is happy to stay alone in the room while the family eats together, mealtimes won’t be a problem. Otherwise, it may take some juggling within the family as you’ll have to take turns to eat while the others look after the dog. Alternatively, you may find some dog-friendly restaurants outside the resort which could offer a better solution for your needs.

Disney has added some extras to make you feel at home with your dog. “Pluto’s Welcome Pack” is given out on arrival, containing some dog-friendly gifts and things you need, like a map to tell you where the exercise and dog-friendly areas are and some advice about the things you can do with your dog. They specify that you need to keep your dog on a leash whenever using the public dog areas, but there are some designated exercise areas where you can let your dog run free.

What Pets are Allowed?

Currently, only dogs are allowed at the resorts mentioned, so you will still have to make other arrangements for the cat and your fish! Each of the resorts has specific areas where you will be allowed to spend time with your dog and build in some exercise. Only service dogs are allowed in the parks and other areas.

However, there are other pet facilities nearby that can accommodate housing other animals if needed.

What Options are there for Boarding my Pet Near Disney World

Traveling with animals can be expensive, particularly if there are flights involved, and you will obviously need to add that to the cost of your overall stay. However, with rates like these, you may find that taking your canine pal with you to Disney actually works out cheaper than finding a quality boarding kennel near home.

Dogs are still not allowed in the parks so you will have to find a good solution during the day. Especially if they have a problem with new surroundings and can’t be left alone in the hotel room. Normally, we have our dog’s crate trained so they are good for a few hours at a time but obviously that isn’t always an option.

Best Friends Pet Care Centre

Situated opposite the Port Orleans Resort the Best Friends Pet Care Center offers daycare from $21 for under 6 hours and $37 for a full day.

In total, unless you have a guest who chooses to stay home from the theme parks to take care of the dog, you could be looking at up to $87 per day to make the most of the parks and have your hound with you when you get back.

This facility also includes options for your dog to have some fun. There is a dog park on-site where you can take your hound for some off-leash playtime. It has a water feature to help cool off after burning up some energy and there is a series of trails, secured by gates, where you can take your dog for a stroll on the leash. This could be a good way to assuage your guilt for leaving him when you come back to collect your dog, or you could let them spend some energy at the start so they settle down for the rest of the day.

There are full boarding facilities available if you want your dog to stay overnight which could be handy if you are planning a late evening out. You might even decide to leave the dog there full time and stay in a different hotel but visit every day instead. A reduced rate is offered to guests staying at a Disney resort.

All pet rooms are large and have a pet bed but there are different tiers available, offering additional services such as access to a private yard, a raised bed or even the chance to watch TV. The top of the range is the VIP Suite: at $83 a night for resort guests, this is the penthouse suite for hounds. These large rooms come with a TV screen and a personal pet assistant. There is access to a private yard and a raft of extras are thrown in including two walks, an ice cream treat, playtime sessions with other dogs and even a bedtime story. You can also keep an eye on how things are going via webcam. If you have more than one dog, they can share a room with a reduced rate for the second dog and the added security for you knowing they are keeping each other company.

Other Pets Besides Dogs

Best Friends Pet Care will also look after your other animals. Cats can stay in a “Kitty Condo” at $26 for resort guests for a two-tier condo. There is also a four-tier condo available at $38. More options are available for a fee, including a comfy bed, playtime, a toy, ad even tuna on a biscuit!
There are also options for small animals, such as hamsters or guinea pigs. You will need to take your own cages for these and it is probably best to take your own food as well, especially if their diet is quite controlled. Prices start at about $11 and increase according to the size of the pet. The only animals they will not take are primates and anything venomous.

Extra Pet Luxuries

You can pay for extra luxuries for your dog or cat at Best Friends Pet Care, some of these are mentioned above. Extra walks or playtime with other dogs is offered along with time to cuddle someone or have an ice-cream. It’s easy to feel enormous guilt as you walk away leaving your best pal in a cage to pine for you until your return. These extras are Disney’s way of making you feel a little better, knowing your dog is being pampered as much as possible.

There is also a grooming service and if the dog stays more than three nights a free bath is thrown in before your return. There is one offer that your dog would probably choose for himself and that is the Doggy Day Camp. Dogs are given free rein to play with each other, although they will need to pass a kind of entrance exam to make sure they don’t have any temperament issues first.

Non- Disney Options For Pet Care

You don’t have to rely on Disney for all your dog care needs while staying in the resorts. There are a number of other facilities nearby that offer boarding or daycare options from about $25 per day for a standard package. Most of these need to be booked in advance and you will have to send evidence of your vaccination schedule.

Some of these include:

  • Miss Emily’s Bed and Biscuit
  • VIPet Resort
  • Bass Pet Resort and Spa

Miss Emily’s Bed and Biscuit

A traditional daycare and boarding kennels with a long history and a range of local and tourist customers.

VIPet Resort

Situated near the parks and the airport, VIPet Resort is well-placed for Disney visitors and includes the “Hot Dog Play Park” for dogs to play in the company of others until you return. There are five-day packages available for $120 which are ideal for a family to take advantage of heading to the parks while on vacation. Longer and shorter packages, as well as overnight stays, can also be booked.

Bass Pet Resort and Spa

Based in Kissimmee, this facility is within easy driving distance to most of the Disney hotels and parks in Orlando. It also offers overnight stays or daycare with playtime in the company of other dogs in five acres with toys, climbing frames and sprinklers to pack in hours of fun. Bass Pet Resort is an award-winning daycare center that has been operating for over 20 years. Prices start at $14 for half a day.

Whichever option you choose to go for, there are plenty of reasons to take your dog with you to Orlando. You know your own pet better than anyone, so you know which option is best for them. If you make the right choices, the dog could enjoy the vacation as much as the rest of the family.

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