Which Disney World Park is Least Crowded on Monday?

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When you’re planning your Disney World vacation, paying a little attention to the days of the week that you’ll visit each of the four theme parks can save you a lot of time and hassle. While every day is a great day to go to Walt Disney World, the truth is that certain days are better for each park than others. Like many families, you might have planned a weekend break from Saturday to Monday or a week-long Disney vacation arriving on a Sunday or Monday. If that’s the case, there’s a good chance you’re wondering – Which theme park to visit first? And which Disney World theme park is least crowded on Monday?

Epcot is a good Disney theme park to visit on a Monday. It’s one of the least busy days of the week at this park and you’re likely to encounter the thinnest crowds here.

Continue reading to learn more about which Disney park is least crowded when. The short time you spend reading this blog and planning your trip could reap big rewards in low wait times!

Which Disney park is best to visit on a Monday?

If you’re in Orlando on a Monday and headed to one of the Disney World theme parks, consider going to Epcot. Monday is one of the least crowded days at Epcot. It is also a day when Extra Magic Hours are available at other Disney parks (not Epcot), so visitors who are eligible for these extra hours tend to head over to those parks. This makes Epcot a good choice to visit on Monday.

Which Disney park is most crowded on Monday?

Magic Kingdom is the Disney theme park that can get really crowded on a Monday. Most people have this park high on their list of must-dos at Walt Disney World. Visitors who arrive on Sunday or Monday tend to head here first. As a result, Monday is not the best day of the week to visit Magic Kingdom.

Trends show that Mondays can be very busy at Magic Kingdom. As noted, this is probably because many families arrive on a Sunday head to Magic Kingdom on Monday. Also, many people plan a weekend trip to Disney World by taking Monday off from work – which means Monday can be one of the busiest weekdays at all the Disney World theme parks.

What are the best days of the week to visit each Disney Park?

Now, let’s take a look at the best day to visit each Disney World theme park. We’ve kept in mind the Extra Magic Hours at each park (these days are avoidable at a specific park because many guests tend to go to the park which offers Extra Magic Hours in order to make the most of the extra hours).

Magic Kingdom

Best day to go to Magic Kingdom: Tuesday

Other days to visit: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Days to avoid: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Extra Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom (avoidable): Wednesday evening, Friday morning


Best day to go to Epcot: Monday

Other days to visit: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Days to avoid: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Extra Magic Hours at Epcot (avoidable): Tuesday evening, Thursday morning

Hollywood Studios

Best day to go to Hollywood Studios: Thursday

Other days to visit: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

Days to avoid: Monday, Friday, Sunday

Extra Magic Hours at Hollywood Studios (avoidable): Sunday evening

Animal Kingdom

Best day to go to Animal Kingdom: Sunday

Other days to visit: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Days to avoid: Monday, Friday, Saturday

Extra Magic Hours at Animal Kingdom (avoidable): Monday morning, Saturday morning

We advise you to confirm the Extra Magic Hours for each park during your visit. Disney sometimes switches them around to accommodate crowds when a new attraction opens at one of the four theme parks or when there are special events ongoing.

What are the best and worst times of year to visit Disney World?

Best Times

Want to avoid crowds and long wait times at the attractions? The best time of year to go to Disney World are the shoulder seasons. This is February, March, and April in the springtime and September, October, and November in the fall. It’s when schools are in session and crowds are historically the lowest at Disney World. Also, the weather is far better than the hot and humid and sometimes very rainy summer months.

Worst Times

It should come as no surprise that to avoid crowds at Disney World, you need to steer clear of the holidays and school breaks. Spring break and winter break can attract record crowds to Disney World. All the theme parks can get very busy on Memorial Day weekend, over the Thanksgiving break, and during the Christmas break. Summer vacation (usually from the third week of June through the end of August) is one of the busiest times of year at Disney World.

What’s the best month in the year to go to Disney World?

If you ask us to pick the best month of the year to visit Disney World – we’re going to say September. Crowds are the thinnest because kids have just gone back to school. However, keep in mind that September can be Orlando’s wettest season, so you should go prepared with rainy weather gear.

February is another great month to visit Walt Disney World. While the weather in Orlando is pleasant, it can be too chilly to go swimming. It’s also historically the time when Disney undertakes refurbishments on many attractions, so be prepared for possible disappointments if you find scaled-back entertainment, closed attractions, or reduced park hours.

Note: During the Covid-19 pandemic, given that many schools are doing online classes or hybrid schooling, it has given parents more flexibility, so the usual rules may not apply.

What are the worst times of year to visit Disney World?

There is no bad time to visit Disney World… come on! But, if at all possible, avoid going in June, July, and August when the crowds swell and the weather in Orlando is hot and humid.

In terms of specific days, New Year’s Eve (December 31), New Year’s Day (January 1), Memorial Day weekend, Independence Day (July 4), Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas Eve (December 24), and Christmas Day (December 25) are highly avoidable – these holidays usually see record numbers of visitors at Disney World.

Disney World is the world’s most visited theme park. Magic Kingdom attracted a whopping 20.8 million visitors pre-pandemic (2018 figure). Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Epcot Theme Park, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park are all in the top 10 most visited theme parks in the world. Given this, it makes sense to pick the days of week. You should visit Disney World theme parks when they’re most likely to have low crowds. It can make a real difference to your enjoyment of your Disney vacation.

Let us know if you’ve been to Disney World recently. Which Disney theme park was the least crowded on Monday? And did you find our tips on choosing the best days to visit Disney World helpful?

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