The Complete Guide To Magic Kingdom Shows

Walt Disney and Mickey at Orlando

When people think of the Magic Kingdom, or any Disney World park for that matter, the rides and characters are usually the first things to come to mind. Shows are somewhat of an afterthought, even though Disney has a reputation of putting together some great options for all age groups. Going on vacation to watch a show just seems like something that could be done anywhere.

However, as soon as people arrive, they start to notice just how long a typical day is at Disney. It could be very grueling to walk around Magic Kingdom and not feel worn out. That is when shows can shine. Not only are they entertaining, but it allows people to sit down, relax, and have a good time.

We usually do shows on the second trip to the park and pick 1-2 that we are really interested in so we make sure to check those out. Especially, if the kids remember them fondly from the last time.

What are the best shows at Magic Kingdom? They have numerous shows throughout the day, and a person is never that far away from at least one option. Here is the complete guide to the shows at Magic Kingdom, and what to expect.

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire

Location: Main Street, USA

Ages: All Ages

Length: 20 minutes

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire What To Expect 

It might seem hard for some people to believe, but Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire is the only major stage show in the entire park that has Mickey Mouse front and center. This is a high-level performance that takes place on the Cinderella Castle Forecourt Stage. It is elevated enough so that people can see it from many different angles.

Disney keeps this show very seasonal, so expect some slight variances. In particular, the park receives a lot of positive reviews for their holiday show.

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire The Best Time To Go

It gets busy as a pretty popular show, and the lack of shade means it is rough watching this in the middle of the day. A lot of people wait until the final show of the day, but they do so for a good reason. The rest of the attractions are usually reasonably packed anyway, and the sun is less intense. If not the last show of the day, try to catch the first one.

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire Seating

There are no seats like theater shows, since this is an outdoor performance. This can make things tricky for people who are having a hard time walking around all day, or dealing with young children.

The good news is that there are some spots to sit or lean up against someone off to the sides. Unfortunately, they do not tend to provide the best sightlines. This is a show people have to make some sacrifices to see clearly.

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire General Tips And Information

Do not feel like it is a must to show up early for a good spot. There are plenty of places to slide into right before the show starts. Standing out there too soon just means getting a lot of unneeded direct sunlight.

A spot close to the stage is usually best, but those who want to stay back should target the area near the Partners statue. The sightlines are pretty good there.

We usually stick the little on our shoulder if needed and that makes it pretty easy to see for them. The 8-10 year olds are fine finding a place to see.

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor

Location: Tomorrowland

Ages: All ages

Length: 15 minutes

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor What To Expect

In the movie Monsters Inc., the monsters figured out that the laughter from children is an excellent source of energy. They put this to the test with three different comedy acts during this 15-minute show. A different employee operates every act, and they tell a series of jokes that keep the entire audience entertained.

The show does a great job of feeding off the energy from the crowd. They will find people to sing aloud as a way to make everyone feel involved. Those who might be a little sensitive or shy should stay away, just because the comedians usually find them.

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor The Best Time To Go

It usually is not very hard to get into a showing for monsters, Inc. laugh floor. Just make sure to go to one of the first shows if it is a high priority. Another good time to go is after the afternoon parade, as people start to filter out of the park during this time. It is never popular enough that a person should use a fast Plast plus on this.

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor Seating

It is a pretty comfortable theater for people going to the show and wanting to cool off a bit. Not only is it indoors and air-conditioned, but the backs of the seating provide a good level of comfort.

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor General Tips And Information

It is definitely worth attempting to be interactive with the show, and sometimes fans have no choice. They seem to focus a lot on grade school children, but everyone can have a great time here.

The performers are switched in and out fairly frequently, so do not be afraid to visit the show a few different times. It might be worth hearing different material and seeing who is performing best.

Some of the littles (1-3 years old) have struggled with this one sitting still waiting the line moves in chunks and then having the show. But it’s a lot of fun for the 4-10 year range.

The Hall Of Presidents

Location: Liberty Square

Ages: All ages, but geared towards adults

Length: 23 minutes

The Hall Of Presidents What To Expect

This is a bit of a history lesson put into a show, and it is been well received since launching years ago. Disney is never a company that dabbled in politics too much, so do not expect any crazy commentary in that regard. This is more of a fun show that works for all ages, telling the history of the United States and different milestones reached.

The representation of every United States president is very accurate, so Disney deserves a lot of credit for that. They give small speaking roles to every single president in modern time (save for a few), which neutralizes the entire show as well.

On paper, it does not seem like the most entertaining show a person could spend time watching at a place like Disney. However, it flows pretty quickly, and most are surprised by the overall entertainment value. There is a reason why a lot of people returning to Disney make another stop to watch the show.

Most people from the United States leave the show feeling very patriotic, which is why it usually tends to rank higher with those from the United States instead of foreign visitors. Those visiting from outside of the United States might not think that it is worth the effort to fit into the schedule.

The Hall Of Presidents The Best Time To Go

It is not very hard to find a seat at the show, so there is no need to use a FastPass+. The longest wait most people will find is if they just missed the cut off for the show before.

The Hall Of Presidents Seating

For a 23 minute show, it is important to have quality seating. Disney gives every guest exactly that. These are some of the comfiest chairs a person can find, and that can sometimes be a bad thing for those who are feeling a bit tired. It might be the show that has the most people dozing off in the middle.

The Hall Of Presidents General Tips And Information

Even though Disney keeps things very neutral, there are always people in the crowd showing support for certain presidents. It is impossible to avoid this from turning a little political, so stay away if that is frustrating.

The theater is modeled after Independence Hall in Philadelphia, which is a great added piece of history for visitors. Even though it is an original attraction, it holds up very well compared to some of the others.

Location: Tomorrowland

Ages: All ages, geared more towards adults

Length: 21 minutes

Another show that focuses on entertainment and history, it is always interesting to see the progress made by Walt Disney. Children are engaged enough to find the entire show interesting, while adults will begin to piece things together as well.

The script starts in the 1900s and is supposed to go all the way to the present day. However, the show is showing it is age a bit and needs to be updated for a more accurate present day.

A lot of people love checking the show out to get an inside look at what went through Walt Disney’s head as a visionary with technology and industry. It is an historical lesson mostly focused on the creator of the world so many people enjoy.

Walt Disney’s Carousel Of Progress The Best Time To Go

It can get fairly busy during peak hours, but there is a ton of seating to handle big crowds. This makes it a great option for people who need something to fill the time while waiting for another attraction.

Keep in mind that operational issues are becoming more and more prevalent with the aging show. It is not particularly uncommon to see the show temporarily shut down to fix something. They are usually pretty quick at getting it back up and running, but there have been times where it completely shut down for the day because of an issue.

Walt Disney’s Carousel Of Progress Seating

The seating here is pretty solid for a show that has been around for this long. They have refurbished each of the six theaters, which provide people with some comfortable seating. It makes sense since it is somewhat of a longer show, and Disney wants to make sure people are comfortable watching one of their marquee shows.

Walt Disney’s Carousel Of Progress General Tips And Information

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress has gone through a few updates here and there, and renovations. It will not look the exact same as some people remember it from their childhood, but the premise is very similar.

The show originated in 1964 as part of the World’s Fair in New York. Disney World ended up being the permanent location, after not being seen as a long-term solution at Disneyland.

It might be tempting to blow this show off if history does not seem particularly interesting, but it moves fast enough that most people are pleasantly surprised with how well the show holds up to this day.

Mickey’s Philharmagic Concert

Location: Fantasyland

Ages: All ages

Length: 12 minutes

Mickey’s Philharmagic Concert What To Expect

For people who are fans of all the Disney movies, this is a perfect way to get a taste of all the different characters in one pretty fast-paced show. Where else can a person see Mickey and Donald interact with Simba and Aladdin? Disney does a great job of making them all come to life in a 3-D experience that is bound to make most people laugh.

The goal was to make this as family-friendly as possible, because some 3-D movies can be a bit intense for younger crowds. Some violence goes on, mostly at the expense of Donald, but in general, kids of all ages will be able to enjoy this perfectly fine.

Mickey’s Philharmagic Concert The Best Time To Go

It might initially appear like this show could fill up fairly quickly, but keep in mind that it is a big theater. No one should ever have to wait very long at all to see the show, as it has been around a while. It does not have quite the same luster as it did in the beginning.

Like a lot of indoor shows, it is best to use this as a combination of entertainment and rest. The show does go by quickly, but it gets everyone off their feet for a few minutes.

Mickey’s Philharmagic Concert Seating

The theater has some of the best seating a person will find at any Disney show. The theater looks like any typical theater a person would see anywhere, which is much better than benches or shared seating. There also is not a bad seat in the house from a location standpoint.

Mickey’s Philharmagic Concert General Tips And Information

3-D technology has improved over the years, but this is currently the only 3-D option at Magic Kingdom right now. They provide the glasses for every visitor.

If the show was entertaining, some opt to watch it a second time to catch anything they might have missed. They jam a lot into a short amount of time, so it is sometimes more enjoyable the second time.

Enchanted Tales With Belle

Location: Fantasyland

Ages: All ages, but geared towards young children

Length: 20 minutes

Enchanted Tales With Belle What To Expect

This Beauty and the Beast experience is one of the most well-known shows at Magic Kingdom. It is fairly long for Disney, at 20 minutes, but it goes by very quickly once everyone is seated. It is a very elaborate show with plenty of characters, but the goal for many is to be in the show.

At the beginning of each show, they cast a number of parts for people to take part in the play. Not only do boys and girls get a chance to act, but they also get an up-close encounter with Belle if they wish. This is one of the best character encounters a person can find in all of Disney, which only helps its overall popularity.

This is a favorite of ours the family really enjoys the story and has a great time with Belle. All three of our daughters love(d) to dress up like bell and when they were little they even chose her at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. While the oldest two outgrew their Belle phases the littlest is still very much a fan.

Even without getting a chance to act in it, this is a must for many visitors. Disney goes above and beyond to make this an elaborate scene.

Enchanted Tales With Belle The Best Time To Go

The show requires a little bit of planning for people who have it high on their list of priorities. The number one way to experience Enchanted Tales is to use a FastPass+. It is an effective way to cut down weight time, and people can plan when they want to go.

For everyone else, try to get there early in the morning for one of the first shows. A lot of people look at it as a middle of the day activity because it is inside, so standby times can become pretty long then.

If the morning does not work out, the last two hours of the day is also a great time. A lot of the younger children who enjoy the show are starting to run low on energy at that time.

Enchanted Tales With Belle Seating

The seating is very comfortable inside Enchanted Tales, which is great news considering how long the show lasts. That is a great way to relax during the day without really missing anything.

Enchanted Tales with Belle General Tips And Information

It is important not to assume that a child will get an opportunity to act in the show. Many people want to interact every single time, so view it more as a bonus rather than a must.

For families that have teenagers as children, this is a show that might be worth skipping. It is still one of the best shows at Magic Kingdom, but it is not really geared towards that demographic. There are other shows teenagers would appreciate a lot more.

Country Bear Jamboree

Location: Frontierland

Ages: All ages

Length: 10 minutes

Country Bear Jamboree What To Expect

One of the original shows continues to go strong, even if there might be a need for some slight improvements here and there. It is a short show that features a cast of animatronic bears that sing country and western songs the entire time.

Disney understood that early on, they need to do a few remixes to bring people in with creative music. The Ballad of Davy Crockett and Ole Slew Foot are pretty good, even for people who have heard them before. An update is something that a lot of people have wondered about over the years, but there are no signs of Disney really making any changes at this point.

Country Bear Jamboree The Best Time To Go

It is a short 10-minute show, so it is pretty easy to fit into even the busiest schedule. It is still mildly popular, and the area inside the show is pretty small. That leads to some short wait times in the middle of the day, but nothing too crazy.

Country Bear Jamboree Seating

Seating is essentially a bunch of long benches, and people are asked to move to the end of each row as they feel things up. The benches are about what people would expect out of an attraction that is almost 50 years old. They are made of wood and very hard, but for 10 minutes, most people can deal with it.

Country Bear Jamboree General Tips And Information

Since Disney has not updated the show, it should be noted that the entire show is not as politically correct as the world is at this point. It has been talked about quite a bit, but Disney does not seem too eager to change at this point. If offended, it might be best just to skip it.

The show is considered a must-see because of the history behind it, and it is very versatile to fit into most schedules. If there are just 20 or so minutes to kill, the waiting in line and getting in process is doable.

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

Location: Adventureland

Ages: All ages

Length: Just over 15 minutes

Tiki Room What To Expect

Walt Disney originally put the show together, as four wisecracking parents take center stage. They go by the names of Jose, Fritz, Michael, and Pierre. They sing songs from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, and they are joined at times by other birds, as well as plants, during the show.

It is important to note that the technology and engineering used in the show is from an entirely different time. There are plenty of advancements that would make the show seem pretty lame in today’s world, but it is still entertaining enough for most to make a stop.

Pay more attention to what is said, rather than the amazing moving of the animation. That is how people will appreciate the show.

Tiki Room The Best Time To Go

Anyone who has been to Magic Kingdom in the past probably experienced the show already. Therefore, it does not get very crowded at all, even during peak hours. Work it naturally into the schedule when close by, or if there is a much needed time to sit down and relax.

Tiki Room Seating

The seating is a bunch of long benches for people to plop down on to get out of the heat. They are not extremely comfortable, but Disney has made a few tweaks over the years to make it a bit better than when it first launched.

Tiki Room General Tips And Information

This is more of a historic show than anything these days, although Disney has made some minor improvements to make it more enjoyable for the present. They shortened things up in 2011, and they can go to customer feedback to make tweaks.

Although this show is safe for all ages, there is a simulated thunderstorm at the end that could spook some kids. Keep that in mind if the child, in general, gets pretty spooked.

Even though wait times are pretty low, there is a lot to see and do while waiting. A pair of toucans name Clyde and Claude take control of the preshow entertainment. The outside scenery of the theater is also stunning.

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